5 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water after Waking Up

Lemon has many good effects and the best known of which is weight loss. Indeed, many diets praise the slimming powers of lemon. However, this citrus fruit does not allow you to lose weight strictly speaking. It simply helps to digest lipids without preventing them from being stored. That is why it does not help you lose weight. Benefits of Lemon Water after taking it in the morning should not be neglected: lemon has many unsuspected powers. Detoxifying the body, promoting digestion, or even boosting immunity are just a few examples of its virtues. Here are all the benefits of lemon on your health!

Lemon boosts the body’s immunity

Do you know what lemon is made of? The energy intake of lemon is on average 39.1 kcal per 100 g. This citrus fruit is very rich in vitamins: there are 51 mg of vitamin C as well as vitamin B9 in 100 g of lemon. Thanks to these but also to antioxidants and citric acid combined with minerals, this fruit has the power to boost your immune system. This makes it an excellent antiseptic and antiviral, which will help you fight against small diseases and viruses in winter. The fact that lemon is rich in antioxidants would thus help slow the arrival and progression of certain cancers, but research is still ongoing to confirm this effect.

Thus, lemon is an excellent health asset, but also an energy booster. All of these vitamins are ideal for getting back in shape and fighting chronic fatigue. In winter, we do not hesitate to abuse lemon juice (preferably directly squeezed at home) to season our dishes or simply diluted in a glass of water.

Lemon promotes digestion

Lemon is your stomach’s ally. The citric acid in this citrus fruit stimulates the production of bile in the liver, which helps in digestion, since the more fatty foods are, the more bile they need to be digested. Thus, it makes it easier to eliminate toxins present in the body. Besides, the organic acids in the fruit, by binding to pancreatic juices, help regulate the body’s acid-base balance. This is essential to maintain good health and avoid many ailments!
Thus, if you have made an excess, squeeze the juice of a lemon, preferably organic, and dilute it in a glass of water before drinking it, the next morning preferably. To enjoy the benefits of lemon, even more, do not throw away the pulp: citrus fibers facilitate intestinal transit.

Lemon relieves inflammation and urinary tract infections

Lemon, and even citrus in general, have very good anti-inflammatory properties according to several studies. In the event of a sore throat, for example, lemon combined with propolis would be a formidable ally to help reduce throat inflammation and fight infection.
Lemon juice would, for the same reason, be particularly effective against symptoms of the lower urinary tract (incontinence, difficulty urinating) caused by inflammation of the bladder. Thus, in a study published in the American Journal, researchers found that consuming citrus juices, such as lemon or grapefruit, reduced lower urinary tract symptoms in half in men. But many doctors also recommend lemon juice for women. Indeed, urinary germs have more difficulty in multiplying in an acidic environment.

Lemon is also a beauty ally

Lemon would have the effect of reducing the spots on the skin and brightening it, but as with the hair, it also dries it. To benefit from its advantages on the skin, it will therefore have to be used as a mask, or even as a scrub. You will find the recipe for our lemon scrub here. Be careful, however, of some undesirable effects.

Drinking lemon juice in the morning on an empty stomach: good or bad idea?

We often hear that you should drink lemon juice in the morning on an empty stomach to enjoy all its benefits. This is indeed a good idea, but there are some recommendations to follow. It is thus necessary to mix the squeezed lemon juice with lukewarm water. If the water is too cold, it may shock the body in the morning. But if it’s too hot, it could affect vitamin C! If we advise you to use a real lemon to make your juice, it is precisely because bottled juices are heated at high temperatures to kill germs, which makes it lose most of its benefits.

Finally, there are some contraindications: people who suffer from ulcers or reflux should avoid drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach. Indeed, the acidity of lemon is highly likely to worsen stomach pain.