5 Benefits Of Quercetin You Were Never Told

Quercetin is one the most popular flavonoids compounds that can be gotten from some grains, vegetables, tea, fruits, and wine. It adds a whole lot of benefits to health when consumed and in this article I will be discussing 5 valid benefits of quercetin to your health. Let’s get started.

Quercetin wine

Solution To Inflammation

A massive presence of free radicals in the body can lead to inflammation. And while the body needs a little amount of inflammation to function, fight infections, and heal, too much of it can damage the body cells. In most cases, when inflammation level reaches a point in an individual, health problems like cancer, kidney problems, and heart diseases can creep in. But thanks to the anti-inflammatory property of quercetin, free radicals can be eliminated before they rise above normal. In other words, quercetin can regulate the level inflammation and thereby protect the body from the aforementioned chronic diseases. Yay!

Anti-cancer agent

Quercetin is a powerful agent when it comes to the cases of cancer. This has been proven through various experiments. One of such is a test tube test where a drastic drop in the growth of cancer cells was recorded along with the death of many cancer cells in a test tube after which quercetin was introduced into the same test tube in a controlled amount. In another test, the flavonoids compound was found to have an effect on breast cancer, lung cancer, blood cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, and more. All in all, quercetin’s antioxidant properties are a life-savior.

Prevention For Chronic Brain Disorder

An improvement in mental well-being and a more activated brain activity has been recorded for patients with Alzheimer and dementia after taking a particular dose of quercetin supplement. The antioxidant properties of this flavonoids compound can help to prevent all forms of brain disorder such as depression and anxiety. Quercetin can also control an existing brain disorder and bring that to a low level, paving way for the effectiveness of other medications or procedures. See more benefits of quercetin below.

Blood Pressure Reduction

Do you know? High blood pressure is the leading cause of death in the United States. In fact, in every 2 adults you are most likely to find 1 individual with high blood pressure in the USA. And it’s not just about the high blood pressure itself but the fact that it paves the way for some other chronic sicknesses to creep in. According to studies, patients with high blood pressure are highly susceptible to all sorts of heart diseases and breathing problems. But thanks to quercetin, the blood nerves and blood vessels are more relaxed, adding less pressure to the blood, and thereby establishing an easy flow.


Regardless of whatever you’re allergic to, quercetin’s antioxidant properties may be the answer to it. Quercetin has the ability to block the enzymes responsible for triggering allergy in you and it all keeps getting better over the period of taking the right dose of quercetin.