5 Jeep Accessories to You Must Have for Harsh Winter Weather

Jeep accessories, such as new 8 x 6.5 wheels, allow you to customize your vehicle in fun and unique ways. However, accessorizing is not only for aesthetic reasons. Cold winter weather puts both you and your Jeep at risk. Some accessories help your vehicle stand up more effectively to snow and ice, while others help keep you safer and more comfortable while you are driving. Here are five accessories that can improve your winter driving experience.

1. All Terrain Tires

Some tires are intended primarily for driving on city streets, some are strictly for off-roading. All-terrain tires are just what the name implies: Tires that you can drive anywhere, off-road or on. While they come in any size, bigger is usually better. Therefore, 33 inch tires are also a little wider, which helps to give you more stability and traction when driving on ice and snow. As you are tire shopping, just bear in mind that not all 33 inch tires are all-terrain tires, and vice versa. You have to check to make sure that the tires you are looking at are really the ones you want.

2. Winch For Emergencies

Even if you have off road tires that are designed to handle slippery, unstable surfaces such as mud and snow, it doesn’t mean that you’ll never get stuck somewhere and be unable to drive your Jeep out or back it up. If you ever get into a situation like this, you’ll be glad that you invested in a winch for the front of your vehicle.

A winch mounts to the front of your Jeep and operates by either a motor or a crank. Most of the time, the cable stays tightly coiled, but if your Jeep gets stuck, you can pull the cable out and attach it to a sturdy object nearby. You can then engage the winch by either activating the motor or turning the crank. The cable then pulls your Jeep out so you can get on your way again.

3. Heated Side Mirrors

If your Jeep is parked outside, you may find that it is covered with snow and ice when you need to go somewhere. You can scrape off the side mirrors, but this may take a while and can be difficult, especially when they are covered with ice or frost. With heated side mirrors, you can let them defrost on their own while you wait in the comfort of your warm vehicle interior.

4. Custom Interior Heaters

The heater that the factory installed in your Jeep may be adequate. However, you may not want to settle for the merely adequate, especially if you continue to use your soft top in winter because you’ll rely on the heater to remove the ice and snow from the windows. You can replace this with a more powerful custom interior heater.

5. Remote Starter

With a remote starter, you don’t have to go outside to start the car. Instead, you can start it from inside, and it will be nice and toasty by the time you are ready to go.

You can shop for essential accessories such as these from reliable online retailers.