6 Easy Steps To Bathe Your Dog

Some dogs don’t love being bathed while others love it. For most dog owners, bathing a dog is a stressful task especially if they’re new to it. Maybe you find it hard to bathe your dog or maybe your dog doesn’t love being bathed, you have to be prepared. You have to know the easy and some steps to bathe your dog. Do you want to grab bathing gears for your dog? Go to Petsho.com

Below are the six easy steps to bathe your dog

  1. Don’t hesitate to wash your dog outdoor because you’ll save your tub and your bathroom walls from stains. Although people are used to indoor bathing but outside is better if you have the chance.
  2. It’s good to be well organized before starting out. You don’t want to start moving about looking for dog shampoo, brushes, a no-slip bathmat or towels. Gather everything you’ll need ahead of time and keep it close by.
  3. You can’t just dip your poor dog in the water without checking the water out. Your water shouldn’t be too hot or too cold, it has to be normal or warm. Your normal human temperature can’t be compared to what your dog feels.
  4. Be gentle. Don’t wash your dog like you’re washing a car tire. It should be more like you’re massaging your lover on a Friday night. It shouldn’t be about scrubbing your dog. Let your dog feel comfortable as you wash him and avoid anywhere near his eyes. Start applying shampoo at the tail and move slowly towards the head. Make sure you brush your dog’s fur slowly to prevent it from tangling. To get rid of excess water from his coat you need to brush his fur.
  5. Probably your dog doesn’t like being bathed. You don’t want him to start freaking out and causing much mess, after doing all I said above, you need to grab your towel asap and dry em off.
  6. Get your dog some chilled soft drink or Mac Donalds to reward him for at least allowing you to take care of him. Next time, he might be more motivated to bathe because he knows he’ll get rewarded.

You might be asking how often you should bathe your dog. Well, it depends on a lot of factors eg the breed of your dog, ita skin, the environment, etc. You should bathe a dog with oily skin on a weekly basis. Dogs with thick double coats like Huskies and Border Collies should be bathed once every few months. Brushing them down daily is advisable.

Dogs with short fur and local Indian dogs should be bathed once a month.

Maybe you’re wondering about the best time to bathe your dog. You can bathe him anytime as long as it’s warm. if you have an emergency and you want to bathe your dog at night, it’s ok but makes sure the water is warm and you dry him up immediately.

You can also bathe your dog without water by using other alternatives such as wet wipes, waterless shampoo, and dry shampoo

Bathing your dog may look so stressful but it’s necessary. It’s something required to keep your dog clean and healthy. A dog owner should always look after the needs of his dog.