7 Proven Benefits of Essential Oils

What do you use to scent your house? There are many options and ways to do that, but among the best are essential oils. Essential oils are organic plant extracts that capture the plant’s scent. These essential oils not only scent your house but also come with various benefits. This article expounds on the benefits but first, how can you use these oils?

How Can You Use Essential Oils?

Here are three main ways of using essential oils. These include;


Aromatherapy entails smelling essential oils to help with your health. The scent of non-toxic essential oils from stores such as zea stimulates your brain’s nervous system instantly upon breathing and triggers an emotional response. You can either sniff it or diffuse using a humidifier.

Topical application

Topical application refers to using these oils by applying in your skin, and your body will absorb them through the skin. It would help to note that you should dilute the oil before using it.


In ingestion, you put it in drinks such as tea or directly as drops on your tongue. However, seek advice from a professional herbalist before using this method.

Benefits of Using Essential Oils

Using essential oils have the following benefits:

1. Reduce anxiety and stress

Suppose you feel stressed after a long day’s work or other life pressure. You should use essential oil that triggers a positive emotional response.

2. Combat fungal infection

Some essential oils that you can use through topical application have antimicrobial qualities. If you are suffering from infections such as athlete’s foot or candida, you should apply the right essential oil as it will heal you.

3. Improves sleep

Insomnia can be stressful since you will get up before having enough sleep or any at all. However, with the use of an oil such as lavender essential oils in a humidifier or inhaling as moisture, you will improve your sleep as it helps you relax.

4.Reduces inflammation

Essential oils also help in reducing inflammation. You can apply the oil directly on the swollen area or gargle if the inflammation is in the mouth, such as gingivitis. However, take caution and follow the herbalist’s instructions on usage. You should also dilute the oil before applying.

5. Headache reliever

When you have a headache, you will rush to take painkillers. Alternatively, you can use essential oil. Using an essential oil such as peppermint that contains menthol will help you relax the muscle and reduce your pain. You can drop the oil on your forehead then apply It.

6. Boost mood

When feeling down, it would be best to use essential oils that have anxiolytic properties. The mood is affected by olfaction in the brain, and using essential oils will help you unlock emotions.

7. Resolve acne

Acne occurs due to bacterial infections on active breakouts on your skin. Some essential oils have blemish-fighting properties and are antibacterial. Such essential oils will help you with acne redness and remove the agents that cause this skin condition in your pores. However, seek the direction of specialists like Zea when using these oils.

Essential oils are readily available in plants, and tapping their healing properties can give you the benefits you have read here. And for safety, follow this guide, and if you have more questions, seek more information from your vendor.