A Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin Trading Software and Robots In 2021

Since Bitcoin has recently surpassed the previous all-time high after three years, more people want to trade Bitcoin. Even if some of them don’t know much about Bitcoin and what are the tools and systems available, they want to earn money by trading Bitcoin. 

With more people entering the Bitcoin space, Crypto companies are working hard to provide different Crypto-related services to them. Some companies are providing free and paid Crypto trading bots and software. Although there are many new trading bots available in the Crypto market, you can rely on viralrang.com

Bitcoin Trading Bots and Software

Cryptocurrencies offer you the freedom of trading and investing at any time. Unlike the traditional stock market, you can trade in Cryptocurrencies anytime since the Crypto market is open 24/7. This allows traders to trade even if they are doing a day job. 

However, the high volatility is difficult to manage because it’s hard to control emotions in a volatile market. So, Crypto trading bots have increasingly become popular because they can trade even if you are sleeping. Moreover, Bitcoin trading bots can enter and exit a trade promptly than manual execution when a trading signal arises. 

If you have never used any trading bots, read on to know about Bitcoin trading software and robots. Additionally, you will also find some of the best Bitcoin trading bots in 2021.

Why Use Bitcoin Trading Bots?

Bitcoin trading bots can help you to perform different tasks. They can help you manage your Crypto portfolio, rebalancing, collecting data, smart orders, etc. Take a look at what exactly they can help you while trading. 

Hassle-Free Rebalancing 

Since Bitcoin and other Crypto assets are volatile, you need to rebalance your portfolio from time to time. Maybe you want to rebalance your portfolio on an hourly basis, which may not be possible for you if you are doing a day job. However, you can do it by writing a program in the trading bot platform, which will automatically rebalance your portfolio. 

Reducing Complications

Managing trading pairs within a stipulated time is a complicated task. However, trading bots can simplify these processes by enabling smart order routing. Since routing trading pairs are very complex, sometimes they are impossible to conduct manually. But trading bots can quickly route these trading pairs.

Timing and Accuracy

Timing and accuracy have a significant impact on your earnings from trading Bitcoin or Crypto. Your earning potential depends on how promptly and accurately you execute a trade. Since trading volume in the Crypto market has increased a lot, you may not enter the trade at the desired price. However, trading bots can automatically execute your desired trades with programming. 

Now that you know the benefits of using trading bots let me share some of the best Bitcoin trading bots in 2021.

Top Bitcoin Trading Bots in 2021

Although there are several trading bots, here are some of the best Bitcoin trading bots you can use for trading purposes. 


The reason why I mentioned the name of Cryptohopper is that it’s an established platform for auto trading. The best part is you don’t need to install it because it’s available 24/7 in the cloud. Since the interface is simple and interactive, you can quickly get started and trade within five minutes. 


It’s also a good Crypto trading bot that allows you to trade from different popular trading exchanges such as Binance, GDAX, Huobi, etc. Since 3Commas provides a web platform, you can trade Cryptocurrencies both from your mobile and computer. 

Final Thoughts

If you are planning to use a Bitcoin trading bot, you need to learn about different trading strategies and how to program them. You can learn them by  consulting a Crypto expert and join a Crypto community. Hopefully, you have understood how trading bots can help you earn more in Crypto trading.