How do night vision goggles work?

How do night vision goggles work?

Compared to many animals and birds, the ability of humans to see in the darkness is significantly low. But thanks to that amazing brain we possess and the insatiable thirst for progress, we have been able to develop instruments that solve our numerous defects. Night vision goggles are one such piece of … Read more

What is DNA fingerprinting?

What is DNA fingerprinting?

One of the most unique and fantastic ways to implement security and privacy on your house, over your phone or other gadgets, is through fingerprint use. Due to technological advances, fingerprinting technology has become very useful in security, privacy, identification of crimes, and even in the paternal test. DNA fingerprinting process  In … Read more

How do solar panels work?

How do solar panels work?

The awareness of the dwindling reserves of fossil fuels and the environmental hazards caused by them have made the world turn towards the conservative energy resources. And the solar energy tops the list of those viable sources. Solar powered electronic appliances have been in use for many years. The solar energy is … Read more

What exactly is lightning? And how does it occur?

What exactly is lightning And how does it occur

Have you ever noticed sparks whenever you take off the jumper? Or else, experienced a static electricity shock? Lightning works pretty much the same way those given scenarios, but more on a massive scale. Lightning is an electric current created by thunderstorms. These weather disturbances, while short-lived, produce very dangerous lightning. Truth … Read more

What are stem cells? What are their uses?

What are stem cells What are their uses

The human body, just like all living things, is made up of billions of components. Each year, more and more discoveries are made concerning the field of biology. Microbiology, the branch of science that deals with the study of microscopic organisms, is a vast subject and has been studied for at least … Read more

How does polygraph test work? Is it accurate in detecting lies?

How does polygraph test work Is it accurate in detecting lies

Polygraph is a scientific term for what is popularly known as a lie detector. It is an instrument used in criminal investigations to find out if the person being prosecuted is telling the truth. Many employers, too, use lie detectors during job interviews to check the integrity of job applicants’ answers to … Read more

In what atmospheric conditions is dew formed?

In what atmospheric conditions is dew formed

You may have observed water droplets formed on the surfaces of plants and trees. You might have even felt the grass to be surprisingly wet while taking a morning walk. Sometimes, even in the evenings, places such as parks and your backyard seem to glisten and give off an aura of a … Read more

How do induction cooktops work? Are they cheaper than gas?

How do induction cooktops work Are they cheaper than gas

In an induction stove there is a copper coil under the ceramic cooking plate, whereas a particular type of inductive vessel is placed on the plate. When alternating current (AC) is passed through the coil, oscillating magnetic field is formed. As per physical law of induction this “induces” electric current. The current … Read more