How does India-rubber and ink-eraser erase pencil and ink marks?

How does India rubber and ink eraser erase pencil and ink marks?

Erasers have been making our lives easier for a very long time now. As the saying goes, once done, cannot be undone. But, fortunately, with erasers, we can not only redo it once but, in fact, multiple times. For different types of marks and stains, erasers of different materials are used, with … Read more

How is colorful striped toothpaste manufactured?

How is colored striped toothpaste manufactured?

Manufacturers give colorful stripes to toothpaste by using a two-in-one like tube within a tube. The main tube is filled with white paste. Another tube within the main tube is filled with colored paste. This type of design prevents white and colored pastes from mixing. A few holes are made on the upper … Read more

Why photochromic glasses turn dark when exposed to sunlight?

Why photochromic glasses turn dark when exposed to sunlight

The lenses of photochromic lenses are made of glass that is mixed with minute crystals of light-sensitive silver iodide or bromide. The crystals are so tiny that they have a length of only 50 angstroms, and to make its length clearer, a single angstrom is equivalent to 0.0000000001 meters. As these crystals … Read more

What’s the reason for keeping a hole in the center of a parachute?

What's the reason for keeping a hole in the center of a parachute?

What could possibly happen if there was no hole in the middle of the parachute to let some of the air escape? The problems for hole-less parachutes were prominent during the First World War when paratroopers would use parachutes without holes and consequently faced two serious risks. The first risk arose when … Read more

How is ‘expiry date’ of medicines determined?

How is 'expiry date' of medicines determined?

Some decades ago there were no chemists’ shops. Instead of chemists druggists used to mix various compounds according to physicians’ prescriptions and sell them either in powder form or liquid form. Sometimes physician’s assistant used to prepare such mixture in the dispensary itself so he was known as compounder. These types of medicines … Read more