Why Do We Blink Our Eyes?

A close up look on the human eye

Blinking is a reflexive, quick closure of the eyelid. An average person blinks once every 10 seconds, 15-20 times in one minute, or 1,200 times per hour. In accumulation, 10% of our waking time is spent on blinking, as it takes around 400 milliseconds. However, the speed of a blink also varies … Read more

Why do we Need Iron to Live?

Dr Williams' 'Pink Pills', an iron rich tonic for the blood and nerves to treat anaemia

All biotic or living organisms have specific needs to live, grow, and reproduce. For instance, humans have basic needs to survive, such as a healthy environment, proper nourishment, bodily protection, etc. These physiological needs should be met. It is not a guarantee that we eat three times a day, but it should … Read more

Why does CBD not make you high?

Ball-and-stick model of the CBD molecule

CBD helps with pain, stress, and anxiety. It has all the benefits of marijuana without the high.” This is a quote taken from the American actress Jennifer Aniston. CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, Is the chemical compound derived from the Cannabis sativa plant, commonly known as Marijuana. However, does the statement … Read more

Why Do We Speak Louder Than Normal When Wearing Headphones

Why do we speak louder than normal when wearing headphones

Have you ever tried to wear headphones, turn up the volume, and listen to your favorite music? Then, while wearing headphones,  your friend or somebody tried to talk to you. As you respond, your friend got surprised because of the way you speak, and that’s when you realized that you are talking … Read more

Why Do We Swing Our Arms Back and Forth While Walking?

Why Do We Swing Our Arms Back and Forth While Walking?

Walking is an everyday activity for humans. Most of the time, we walk when going to the store, playing sports, going to the movies, shopping in the mall, and many other activities that involve walking. From the day our parents taught us how to walk, until now, walking is a part of … Read more

How does hair know when to stop growing?

How does hair know when to stop growing

Hair has a great influence and significance in our lives. It plays an important role in the appearance of a person. People look for different ways to enhance their appearance with the help of this element of natural beauty. A lot of them struggle to make it grow faster. Sometimes, people believe … Read more