How Often Should You Take Your Dog to the Vet?

a sad dog lying on the floor

It hurts to see your favorite pet dog suffering from an illness; more than that, you cannot afford to lose them. Pets have a supernatural charm that relieves our stress, sadness, and the feeling of aloneness. Dogs, in particular, have that unique space in our hearts and our families. Having a pet … Read more

How do chicken eggs not crack inside their body?

How do chicken eggs not crack inside their body

This is a fascinating question that can come up in any human mind. Considering the fact that an egg is enclosed in a shell that is easily broken by us, how can it not break inside the hen? What is the mystery behind this phenomenon and why do we not see this … Read more

How did sexual reproduction first develop in animals?

How did sexual reproduction first develop in animals

It is difficult to say how it first came about, but some key factors can be used to determine. First, the main difference between sexual and asexual reproduction is that sexual reproduction “reorganizes” the parent DNA into a new pattern, while asexual is essentially the parent self-cloning. By being able to reorganize … Read more

How complex are animal “languages”?

How complex are animal languages

Animal Language In animals, a tremendous variety of intelligence and alternately, cleverness is seen. This often translates directly to the complexity of their language. It’s important to realize that language is not limited to vocal elements. Body language, smell, and dances are also counted as a source of communication between animals. However, … Read more

Why some animals seem to enjoy human affection?

Why some animals seem to enjoy human affection

Do you have a dog that loves to cuddle? Or, a cat that rubs you every time for asking snuggle? Have you seen viral videos showing animals enjoying warm hugs? They inevitably seem to enjoy affection. But why do they do so? What do they get from us? Social bonds? Food? Pleasure? … Read more