Does Astrology Work in Real Life?

A time-lapse of the moon

The debate about whether astrology actually works or not is divided mainly between the scientists and the believers. Most scientists state that astrology does not work, but those who believe in this concept will disagree. However, neither party is really wrong.  Astrology refers to the concept that the alignment of the moons, … Read more

Are Wooden Houses the Hallmark of Americans?

American wooden house

Ever wonder why most of the American houses are not made of concrete and brick but woods? Why is the United States not building homes using bricks even after repeated natural disasters? Despite having so many advantages, wood is used instead of bricks for several reasons. As compared to brick houses, wooden … Read more

What Were Roman Snickel ways?

Mad Alice Lane during the day

The word “Snickelways” first appeared in the book of author Mark W. Jones in 1983 entitled A Walk Around the Snickel ways of York. Jones coined the term, and was a portmanteau of the word snicket, meaning a passageway between walls or fences, ginnel, a narrow passage between or through buildings, and alleyway, a … Read more

What is the difference between economic recession and depression?

What is the difference between economic recession and depression

An economic depression is considered a longer form of a recession. A recession is determined by two or more consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth, while a depression is measured in years and not quarters. During the Great Recession, the United States experienced six quarters of negative GDP growth (from the 3rd … Read more

What is BitConnect and how people lost all their money on it?

What is BitConnect and how have people lost all their money on it

BitConnect was a Ponzi scheme using its own cryptocurrency, the BitConnect coin. It was originally released in February 2016. Initially a huge success, after nearly two years, it lost most of its audience after being exposed as a fraud by multiple organizations. On January 16th, 2018, BitConnect officially announced that it was … Read more

Why can’t governments regulate cryptocurrencies?

Why can't governments regulate cryptocurrencies?

Governments can regulate cryptocurrencies. In fact, regulators from different parts of the world have taken steps in addressing and managing the challenges brought by the rise of virtual currencies, especially that the latter bypass financial institutions, firms and banks, and central and exchange clearinghouses. According to experts, cryptocurrencies and the activities it … Read more

What makes a melody sound happy or sad?

What makes a melody sound happy or sad

We’ve all heard many songs in our lifetime, all of which may give rise to different moods. Some songs can sound happy, while other sound sad and depressing. When we’re down and despondent, some of us might choose to listen to happy music to get our spirits up. On the other hand, … Read more