Can Chloroform Be Used as an Anesthesia?

Antique bottles of chloroform

Chloroform is a sweet-smelling, colorless organic compound with the chemical formula CHCl3 and IUPAC name Trichloromethane. This dense liquid has C3 symmetry and tetrahedral molecular geometry.  Chloroform is nonflammable and has a slightly sweet taste. It is a highly volatile liquid, and for this reason, chloroform has been widely used for its … Read more

Is Sand A Magnetic Element?

Is Sand A Magnetic Element?

All of the sand is not magnetic. Considering all kinds of sand magnetic would be impossible and inaccurate. Most of the sand is created from a natural process that is known as weathering. It takes hundreds of millions of years to occur. The weathering process takes place when the breakdown of the … Read more

What Material Is Used for Pen Ink?

A ballpoint and a tipped fountain pen

The pens you use in daily life, such as ballpoint or ink pen, are simple and trivial. It took 100 years of hard work and research. It was done by individuals such as chemists, and business owners. It took decades to refine the ink inside the tube of the pen. It was … Read more

What Is the Composition of a Medical Capsule?

A 3D cartoon presentation of capsule composition

A solid form of dosage enclosed in a hard or soft soluble container is known as a capsule. A capsule a dosage form in medication is used in our day-to-day health management. There are a variety of capsules available for health management. They are made up of gelatin, which is a hard … Read more

Which Metals Cannot Be Used in the Microwave?

Forks can spark up your microwave very easily.

Ever blew up a microwave before or heard a story about it? In most cases, this happens when someone has used a metallic dish inside the microwave. Repairing such a microwave costs high and on many occasions, it was found out that such microwaves cannot be repaired and would have to be … Read more

Can You Make a House Out of Thermocol?

The most common use of Thermocol is using it for the packaging.

The famous saying goes “Creativity is intelligence having fun”. And this is quite true because there is no limit to creativity, and we can always utilize some extra time to fulfill all those ideas in our minds. It requires you to think out of the box and evaluate something in a unique … Read more

Is it possible to float gold in Mercury?

A woman thinking and using the laptop

When an object is placed in liquid, they exert an upward force on the object. It is known as buoyant force. Archimedes’ Principle states that the buoyancy force of an object; is equal to the weight of the fluid that the object displaces. Now it means that if the object is less … Read more

Why Do Stems Grow Upward?

a lavender flower

Stems are an important part of the plant that can range from millimeters to hundreds of meters, depending upon the type of the plant. They have many functions like giving support to the plant, conducting water, and providing nutrients to different parts of the plant. Moreover, sugars made by the process of … Read more