What is Liquid Thermocol?

Close up of expanded polystyrene packaging

You might know what thermocol is and how it is made. But the question is, do you know about the liquid form of thermocol? And what is its manufacturing process? If you are one of those, who are uninformed about it, no problem because we have put together a brief guide on … Read more

Why Don’t Vinegar and Oil Mix?

Before getting in the details of why vinegar and oil do not mix, you first need to know a little bit about both of them. Vinegar Fermentation is the process of obtaining vinegar by turning sugars into acetic acid. You can also prepare vinegar from any other fruit or material that contains … Read more

How do People Stay Warm in Igloos?

Igloo in Norway, and some tourists

What do you know about igloos, besides being a dome shape shelter? Igloo is also called Aputiak. They are “snow huts,” a type of shelter built of snow, typically built when the snow is suitable. They serve as a temporary dwelling of the Canadian and Greenland Inuit or what we know as … Read more

What is the Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana?

Cannabis plant, cannabis seeds, and cannabidiol

A truck driver from Portland, Denis Palamarchuk, 36 years old, was accused of hauling almost 7,000 pounds of marijuana through southern Idaho. But the driver said he was only hauling legal hemp. The Idaho State Police stopped him on January 24 and was found to be hauling several thousand pounds of hemp … Read more

Are Bullets Fired into the Air Lethal?

Are bullets fired into the air lethal

As dangerous as it seems, firing bullets into the air proves to be lethal throughout history. For years, firing a bullet upwards is known to be a tradition to some countries – including some parts of Russia, the Middle East, and the US. Despite its potential harm, this so-called Celebratory Gunfire continues … Read more

What would happen if air bubbles from a syringe are not removed?

What would happen if air bubbles from a syringe are not removed

The main risk with leaving air bubbles in a syringe is inaccurate dosing. With the syringe partly filled with air, the amount of liquid that is contained within the tube won’t be accurate to the markings found on the syringe since the air bubbles can occupy some space inside. Getting a little … Read more

What is a magnetic field flip?

What is a magnetic field flip

The orientation of the natural magnetic field reverses once in a while. The field is currently getting weaker; this could indicate that it will flip in the next centuries. A weaker field can be bad for some satellites and some astronauts. In rare cases, it can affect the electricity grid as well. … Read more