What determines if a plant is a fruit or a vegetable?

What determines if a plant is a fruit or a vegetable

At the center of the overlapping area between fruits and vegetables lies the tomato. Is it a fruit or a vegetable? It doesn’t taste sweet like most fruits, yet it does contain seeds and has the same form of an apple. Moreover, we often see them in vegetable gardens, growing with cabbages, … Read more

How do trees which don’t produce fruit disperse their seeds?

How do trees which don't produce fruit disperse their seeds

Since plants are not mobile like other living beings, they depend on various other methods to reproduce and spread their species. They depend on other living or non-living carriers to reproduce by dispersing their seeds. If you have been curious about plant reproduction, then here is the answer. Plant reproduction is carried … Read more

Why Are Fruits Sweet And Vegetables Not Sweet?

Why are fruits sweet and vegetables not sweet?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.  This saying is one of the most popular, especially to kids, which is a way to promote good health. Even without extensive advocacy to eat apples, a lot of people enjoy eating this tasty treat. Because besides its deliciousness, they have several health benefits … Read more

What is the difference between fruits and vegetables?

What is the difference between fruits and vegetables?

If someone asked you randomly whether a mango is a fruit or vegetable, what would you say? You would obviously answer that is a fruit. And you would also have no doubt about a carrot being a vegetable. But what about a tomato, or even a pumpkin? Are these foods fruits or … Read more

How does eating carrots change your skin color?

How does eating carrots change your skin color?

Carrot is one of the most nutritious vegetables in nature. Low in calories and saturated with vitamin A (retinol), falcarinol, minerals, and antioxidants, it is essential for our health. The orange color of carrot is due to the presence of carotenoids, a group of lipid-soluble compounds. The major component of carotenoids is … Read more

Why does fruit ripen? What causes the ripening process?

Why does fruit ripen What causes the ripening process

Nothing can compare to the taste of fruit when it is ripe. Ripeness incredibly unleashes its best texture, delicious flavor, and enticing smell. However, try to eat a few days earlier, and you will have a different or lesser experience. But, have you ever wondered why does fruit ripen and what causes … Read more