Does Astrology Work in Real Life?

A time-lapse of the moon

The debate about whether astrology actually works or not is divided mainly between the scientists and the believers. Most scientists state that astrology does not work, but those who believe in this concept will disagree. However, neither party is really wrong.  Astrology refers to the concept that the alignment of the moons, … Read more

What Was the Name of The World’s First Newspaper?

Daily Newspaper on Stand

Around 59 B.C. Acta Diurna was the first newspaper published in Rome. In 1605, the first printed weekly published newspaper was known as Relation. Johann Carolus was the editor of the Relation aller Furnemmen und gedenckwurdigen Historien that means Collection of all Distinguished and Commemorable News. Relation is recognized by the World … Read more

What Are The Highest Waterfalls In The World?

Panoramic view of the Angel Falls

Several tallest waterfalls in the world are not very well-known. It is not because they are not captivating, but because of their rugged, remote locations. However, a few of these giant waterfalls were discovered. But there may be other waterfalls higher than these. So, do not get surprised when you see a … Read more

What are the Seven Seas?

aerial view of the sea in Maldives

How much do you know about the sea, aside from its salty taste and its color appearing blue? When you were a kid, your knowledge and comprehension are limited. But time passes by, the mysteries and questions in the vast universe and the deepest seas are becoming clearer to you. So by … Read more

Why did the League of Nations Fail?

Flag of the League of Nations

A long series of events happened more than a century ago. One hundred years before today, Sir Godfrey Hounsfield, the inventor of the CT (Computed Tomography) Scan, was born. For the bikers, Bentley Motors Limited was founded. The Atlantic Ocean was first crossed by air, and the term covalence in Chemistry was … Read more

Why is handwriting from the past so much prettier than writing now?

Why is handwriting from the past so much prettier than writing now

It’s some relief to other people who, until today, enjoy daily journaling and using their favorite pens and notebooks in writing down their thoughts and daily happenings in their lives. Back then, mailboxes were stuffed with actual letters, not e-mails.   Your teacher will praise you for having good penmanship, but your … Read more