Common Sex Toy Myths Debunked

Ever since they became planetary popular, sex toys have been causing controversy and debate. Globally, using them is still taboo, though some statistics show that over half of sexually active women have at least one of these sex aids.

The shapes, materials, and performance of modern dildos and vibrators are fantastic. The technologies used in these products tend to make them easy-to-use and comfortable. According to the manufacturers, achieving sexual pleasure has never been simpler.

As seen on, new models emerge in the market, as well as new criticisms at their expense. There are still people who insist that the use of these toys contradicts morality. But new age brought new myths, that dildos can ruin your sex life, endanger your health, and break your relationship/marriage.

Claims based solely on guesswork can’t significantly endanger the sex toy industry or their customers. However, it is essential to clarify what common misconceptions are associated with the purchase and use of sexual aids.

Only the Desperate People Use Sex Toys

Being single does not seem to be socially acceptable yet. No man is indeed an island, but not everyone can be in relationships and happy marriages. Some people are more comfortable being alone. Judging by some general opinion, it is these ‘despairers’ who use sex toys of all kinds.

There is no general rule or specific purpose for sexual aids. No manufacturer sells its products solely to singles, individuals, specific gender, or age groups. So the first big misconception is that only single people use these toys.

In fact, you’d be surprised how many people who have a long-term partner want to bring some fun into their lives with these gadgets. But don’t be convinced that couples use sex toys only when their sex life became boring. Many people enjoy experimenting, and there are toys designed for both partners so that they can enjoy their use together.

Sex Toys Will Estrange You from Partner

This is a more melodious definition of the claim that using a vibrator will ruin your sex life. Because, if you need a vibrator to have an orgasm, there is something wrong with you. Does anyone think that a toy can completely replace the real person and all those feelings that human touch brings?

Of course, it can’t. But the general advice is always to tell your partner when you want to ‘spice’ the things up with sex toys. You do not want to make your partner feel uncomfortable or embarrass yourself – so always talk openly with your lover before you suggest the use of these gadgets. By seeing this page, find out how your sex can be equally great and exciting even without this kind of help.

Vibrators Can Damage Nerves Down There

Some ‘experts’ claim that frequent use of sexual aids can damage the nerve endings down there and desensitize your lower regions. For example, vibrators and dildos make this area too sensitive, which shortens the time and reduces the quality of sexual intercourse.

Not only is this statement incorrect, but the opposite is proven – in women, regular use of a vibrator enhances the sensitivity of nether-regions in terms of improving blood flow. Thus, ladies who use dildos experience more intense orgasms, increased sexual desires, better lubrication, etc.

Danger and Health Risk Issues

There is no such thing as a completely reliable sex toy, but buying cheap gadgets increases your chance of breaking or hurting. When making low-budget products, manufacturers use cheap, synthetic materials that may contain some toxic elements. Given that these accessories are used in a fairly sensitive area, it is clear that the health risk is significant. So always invest in quality vibrators.

As for physical injuries, they are practically impossible. The anatomy of sex toys is done according to the internal structure of the sexual organs (and all other body parts where you can use these gadgets), which means that these products are suitable for most users.

However, no manufacturer gives a warranty for the irresponsible use of these products. Don’t use them in inappropriate ways. Always take care of how you play with these gadgets – if it hurts or does not make you feel comfortable, stop it.

Going to Sex Shop is Embarrassing

Nowadays, people still don’t talk freely about sex, not to mention the ‘accessories’ that make sexual pleasure complete. Masturbation is still seen as a bad thing. All those who do not have a partner but wish to enjoy themselves are marked as strange and immoral. Adult kink store owner Tom says that it doesn’t have to be like that if you look at shopping online.

At the following source, find out about the benefits of masturbation for our bodies:

Many people think of buying sex toys as something dirty and shameful. Even though you do not have a problem with freely entering the store, you will always find someone to view this act as something weird and identify you as an eccentric.

Sex toys are great, and there’s nothing embarrassing about them. But, because of the judgment from others, people are increasingly choosing to buy these gadgets online. That is an excellent way to avoid condemning views and annoying comments.

If you manage to overcome all misconceptions about sex toys, you can afford the ultimate pleasure, whether you are alone or have a partner. You shouldn’t worry about what others think about using these gadgets – you are an adult person, and you certainly know what is best for you and what makes you feel good.