Convenience in Having Online Insurance

Do you have car or term life insurance policies active right now? If so, what was the application process you used? Additionally, to what extent were you able to customise your policy to ensure you’re paying for elements that you plan to use at some point?

When your current policy expires and renewal time comes around, what’s the process to get things renewed?

With the different insurance providers available in Singapore, your answer to those questions could vary. However, it’s good to think about these things as you read, since you’re about to learn how convenient online insurance handling can be.

How Bubblegum Works

Bubblegum is a digital insurance provider that aims to empower customers with the policies they need while giving them the amount of convenience they didn’t even know they wanted.

Initially, the Bubblegum platform provided recommendations to customers from other existing insurance companies.

However, policy optimization was always a concern, which led to Bubblegum, through strategic partnerships, becoming a provider itself.

The nature of the workflow it uses is unbelievably instantaneous, allowing you to view and evaluate policy options, with selections and modifications available through nothing more than a few taps.

On top of this, the pricing scheme is affordable, which is quite impressive considering that top insurers in Singapore underwrite the policies. For reference, you can get plans as low as $6.50 monthly with no hidden costs attached.

The application process requires no paperwork, is speedy, and can be 100% completed digitally.


Under no circumstances should you ever even consider using the services of an insurance provider that does not submit to any form of regulatory compliance.

Apart from establishing a structure, regulatory agencies tend to include consumer protection in their industry standards. Bubblegum’s regulation comes from the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Platform Availability

Multiplatform availability is always a plus, as it creates greater convenience and ease of use for clients. Whether you’re on Android or iOS, there is nothing to worry about, as Bubblegum is available in either app store.

Both versions of the application feature a trademark responsive design and intuitive user interface, allowing you to easily navigate to the controls you need.

Term Life or Car Insurance

With Bubblegum, you can retain term life or car insurance policies, with other insurance types on the way.

Term life insurance policies provide your loved ones listed as beneficiaries with a payout if you should pass away while your policy is active. At the term’s end, you can renew, terminate, or convert the policy into a permanent one.

As far as car insurance goes, you will also have a few options you can choose from, depending on the extent of coverage you want. Comprehensive, third party/fire, and theft alternatives are available.

Remember that regardless of the policy type that you select when using Bubblegum, you can customise the offerings to ensure that you are only paying for what you need.

Pay for What You Use

This ties into the final point made in the previous section. One of the most appealing elements of the Bubblegum platform is the ability to get granular with your insurance policy. Are there elements that don’t interest you? If so, get rid of them, and enjoy the financial benefits of doing so.

Some of the elements that you can modify are quite surprising, as you would think such changes would be impossible. Take the car insurance offering, for example. Typical elements such as medical expenses, roadside assistance, and third-party damages are covered.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are unexpected yet appreciated separate elements such as coverage for your engine and gearbox.

Pay for What You Use

How to Reach Out Electronically

If you wish to reach out with any queries are concerns, you can do so via a conveniently located electronic form in the support area. You will need to fill in some contact information to allow the team to contact you to render the assistance required.

Final Remarks

There is no denying the importance that insurance plays in different areas of life. However, applying for or renewing it can be a very tedious process. It’s not the kind of thing insurance policyholders look forward to.

However, all of that can change, considering the convenient workflow that Bubblegum offers to its users. A few taps are all it takes!