Creating an entertaining space

Inviting friends over for a fun-filled night can be one of the most exciting things to do on the weekend but when your home isn’t quite up to scratch, you may feel embarrassed at the idea of inviting people over. It is estimated that three-quarters of British homeowners are houseproud which leaves a portion of the population slightly ashamed at the state of their home.

To boost that number up and create the perfect space for entertaining guests, here are some tips for creating the perfect entertaining space.

Consider the space

Now that you’re ready to start planning your remodelling of a room, you must begin by considering how many people can realistically fit into the room. This will be vital throughout the project as it will help you to choose what you will and won’t need.

For example, if you are creating a home cinema, you’ll need to fit the right amount of seats in for comfortable viewing, getting it wrong could mean some people are left sitting on the floor which won’t be very entertaining for them.

Choose the right furniture

A good host will always ensure their guests are comfortable which means having the right amount of seats and making sure they’re comfortable enough for sitting for hours whilst you chat and have fun.

Once you have decided what kind of entertainment room it will be, you can start the fun process of furniture shopping. For a home cinema, you may opt for recliner seats or for a fancy dining room for dinner parties you may choose elegant fitted dining room furniture that will have your room feeling stylish yet comfortable.

Incorporate storage

Did you know that almost 50% of Brits avoid inviting people over due to the clutter in their homes? This is something that can easily be rectified with the right storage solutions in your entertainment room.

First off, you should utilise the storage space you currently have by having a clear-out of unwanted items. This could be old DVD’S or a cocktail maker that you simply never use, whatever it is, when it’s gone you’ll enjoy more space and a better looking room.

Once you’ve used up your current storage, you’ll know if you need to invest in more storage furniture. This could come in the form of a DVD shelf or a coffee table with plenty of handy drawers to place your items in.