DTG printing versus Screen Printing

DTG means Direct to Garment printing. It uses software and a large inkjet printer to print designs onto tshirts or garments directly. Screen printing is an old method of printing still used today that uses the process of a stencil and inks pressed through onto the material. To get the best tshirt in Singapore the superior option is DTG, it is better for the environment, it is more cost-effective for smaller ordered amounts and it is quicker to do.

Comparing the two printing options impact on the environment

When you are looking to reduce your impact on the environment the best printing option to send your plain tshirt in Singapore to is one that uses DTG. DTG firstly uses just water-based inks which are better for the planet. But because of the fact it prints directly to the garment, it uses just the amount of ink required and no excess. A common issue with screen printing is that there is always excess ink where parts did not print onto the garment and then cleaning the screens takes a lot of ink and sends it down the drain impacting the planet. While DGT does mean that print head cleaning happens now and then this does not use any other substances. Printers suing DTG just need to make sure when the print cartridge is done that it is disposed of in the correct manner.

Stencil versus software to create the design

As mentioned screen printing involves a stencil being created, the colours are selected and then those inks are pushed through the stencil onto the material. That stencil is created with photo emulsion or by hand, and every colour means another screed is used. With DTG you just need a computer, the right software and a proper printer. There is no need for a lot of specialist things, the process is a lot easier and it is a lot quicker to do. Just be aware that with DTG when you want to print onto a dark colour it will first make a white layer and then print the rest of the image onto that.

DTG is better for smaller orders

The fact is that when you have fewer than 50 shirts in your order the option for the best tshirt in Singapore is to use DTG printing. It is a lot more cost-effective because there is minimal setup required. 1 tshirt using DTG methods can take less than 2 minutes to create and cost somewhere between $5 to $10. For larger bulk orders over 50 then screen printing starts to edge DTG out.


When you are looking at options for printing tshirts or other garments if you are looking food smaller orders, something less impactful on the environment and something quick to deliver you want to look at direct-to-garment printing as an option. A light-coloured plain tshirt in Singapore works best for DTG but you can do it on darker tshirts as long as you do not mind a white background laid down first.