Trading Pokemon enables you to market Pokemon with your friends and colleagues. This operation was recently added to the Pokemon game. The goal of the trading system is to help you make headway on finishing off the Pokedex. See here for the best Poekmon tcg.

Let’s check out some intriguing facts about trading Pokemon.

  • First, “trading Pokemon” could seem vague, especially with your friends. Generally, the idea of Pokemon translates to ” collect-a-thon”. The intention is to catch all of them. However, you cannot do it all without assistance from your friends. You trade with them to fill up your collection of Pokemon cards and vice versa.
  • In that case, you will require to be near your friends to trade Pokemon. It happens in person.
  • Every trade compels you and your trading partner to spend some Stardust. A Stardust cannot work with all Pokemon; they come in different amounts with compatibility to the various Stardust. However, you can reduce the amount by improving your friendship status with your trading colleague. Apart from this, you can visit this site to find the best pokemon go accounts from a highly trusted company.

How to Trade

  • First of all, geographical proximity is important in trading with your friend. You and your friend must be physically present in the same territory. Then make friends with your trading partner. How do you do it?
  • Move over to the trading screen.
  • To assess your friend list, thump the Friends Tab on the screen top.
  • Thump the trainer you intend to trade with.
  • Complete the process by thumping on the Trade Button. After this, you move over to the trading screen automatically.

Note that you can only trade with registered friends. 

  • You can view all the details of the Pokemon you will be offered by your friend. If you don’t want it, you could just reject the trading session. On the other hand, if you are willing to trade Pokemon, then select your preference. A confirmation option will come up. All other stats and ranks are adjusted during the trading session. Clicking the confirmation, the required amount of Stardust will appear.
  • Do you want some candies? Candies are additional rewards for trading your Pokemon. The number of Candies will be doubled depending on the distance of interchange between the two Pokemon.
  • Some Pokemon are assessed as special trades. They propose more Stardust to trade. And this can only be achieved once a day. That is, you can only engage in only one special trade per day.

Some of them are:

  • Shiny Pokemon
  •  Legendary Pokemon
  •  Unown, Alolan forms, Shinies, Castfor, and costumed Pikachu.
  • These are Pokemon with forms that are not included in your Pokedex.
  •  Some other random Pokemon not already in your Pokedex.

Trading can only occur within trainers in Level 10 and above.

Mythical Pokemon and already traded Pokemon cannot be traded.

A little about Lucky Pokemon… They have decreased costs. And they need 50% limited Stardust to level up than the average and random Pokemon. It enables more competition during the session. However, there’s no special feature that reveals if you have one or not. They only come up in your Pokedex with a marker after completing an exchange.