Get Started with Learning Korean in Just 90 Days!

Have you always wanted to learn the Korean language but have been intimidated by the thought of starting a new language study? Do not be scared; you can start today and learn how to speak and write Korean in just 90 days.

This blog will provide you with what it takes to become proficient in the language within a short period of time. It includes the best app to learn Korean and some useful tips on mastering the language faster.

Step 1: Get a Good Foundation

The first step to learning any language is getting familiar with the fundamentals. Your first lesson should be about Korean grammar, syntax, and pronunciation before diving too deep into the language.

Fortunately, plenty of online resources can help you get a good foundation in Korean. From dedicated websites like 90 Day Korean that offer interactive lessons to podcasts that provide helpful audio lessons on the go, there are tons of ways to brush up on your knowledge of the Korean language and culture.

These online resources provide lots of content about learning Korean. Read their blogs, watch their YouTube videos and check out their social media platforms. You can surely find lots of valuable audio and visual materials that will help you with your language-learning journey.

Step 2: Make It Fun

Learning a language is much more enjoyable when you make it fun! Here are some of the best ways to do this:

Immerse yourself in the Korean culture through movies and music

South Korea produces some of the most popular television shows and movies throughout Asia and beyond. Watching Korean movies with English subtitles can help you better understand how sentences are constructed. You’ll also familiarize yourself with everyday slang words and phrases used by native speakers.

Music, on the other hand, is an excellent way to pick up pronunciation skills quickly. Think of it as singing lessons! Look for songs by popular K-pop groups like BTS. Traditional folk songs from older generations can also help.

Invest in Some Books

If you want to take your studies further than just online resources, then investing in some books is always a good idea. There are many great books out there specifically designed for those who want to learn Korean quickly and effectively. Choose those that cover all aspects of the language, from basic Korean grammar rules to conversational skills and more.

Study Korean with apps

With the advent of modern technology and smartphones, you can now learn Korean at your fingertips. Thanks to the growing number of language apps on the web.

For instance, the language app from 90 Day Korean offers fun and engaging activities for learning Korean. It includes Korean lessons covering the basics to more interactive activities. It even offers even real-time conversations with native Korean language speakers. If you have trouble learning the Korean writing system, pronouncing a specific Korean word, or understanding grammar rules, there’s someone who can help you.

Whether you are new to the Korean alphabet or a long-time student looking to sharpen your skills, these language apps are here to provide an effective and efficient way of learning all there is to master Korean.

Step 3: Practice Makes Perfect

Now that you have found some helpful resources and gotten into the groove of things, it is time to practice.

  • Set realistic goals for yourself. For instance, memorize 10 new Korean words each day. Or watch one full movie without subtitles once per week.
  • Dedicate at least two hours each day to your Korean lesson in order to see real results within the 90-day timeline.
  • Focus on one area at a time—whether it be grammar or pronunciation. And practice until it becomes second nature before moving on to something else.
  • Try talking out loud while practicing sentences so that you become more comfortable speaking aloud in Korean. This will come in handy if/when you ever visit South Korea or you meet with your Korean friends.
  • Join forums dedicated exclusively to learning Korean. This is a great way to interact with fellow Korean learners who might have useful tips or advice on mastering the language faster. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals will also help you stay motivated.
  • Practice speaking by immersing yourself in conversations with native speakers. For writing practice, create short stories or blogs using Korean words and phrase

You’ll be surprised at how quickly your skills develop when given an opportunity to put them into practice!


No matter what your goal is for learning Korean – whether it’s conversational fluency or simply brushing up on your pronunciation skills – following these steps should help get you started quickly!

With just 90 days of dedication, you’ll soon be ready for any situation where knowing how to speak Korean comes in handy – whether at work or during a vacation abroad!