Getting help for repairing or replacing a car battery

The car battery is an essential part of the car, and if it is drained or malfunctioning it will be difficult for the car driver to start the car. Typically a car battery should last for 3-5 years if it is properly maintained. However, in some cases, if the battery is discharged or it is not properly maintained, the battery may malfunction after using it for one or two years also. Vehicle owners facing a problem with their car battery would like to find a reliable 24 hour car battery shop in Singapore. Some of the factors which should be considered while searching for a battery shop are discussed.


Since the battery of a vehicle is expensive, it is better to contact a battery shop that will try to get the best deal for their customers helping them save some money. The battery technician should first examine the battery to diagnose the problems in the battery. In some cases, an experienced technician may be able to fix the problem in the battery at a reasonable cost, so that the battery does not have to be replaced. In other cases, the battery has been used for more than five years, so it should be replaced at the earliest, with a battery of similar rating and specifications


Most car owners do not have the experience and knowledge to predict when their batteries will malfunction. If the car will malfunction when the car owner is leaving home, it is less inconvenient as the car owner can arrange for alternative transport. In some cases, he can take the car to the battery shop for a checkup. In contrast, in some cases, the car battery will fail when the driver is at a remote location, in the middle of the night. Being stranded in a remote area at night is very risky, since the driver and other passengers may get attacked. In this case, most car owners wish to contact a battery shop that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without any holiday, so that they get the assistance they require immediately. Though emergency car repair or replacement services are more expensive, a majority of car owners are willing to pay a higher price, since they do not want to take the risk of remaining outdoors for a longer time.



Typically the car owner has to contact the battery shop regarding his requirement for assistance on phone. He will be informed of the repair or replacement services that are provided, and the charges for the services. If the car owner cannot get his malfunctioning car to the battery shop, the battery shop will send their experienced technician to the address which is specified, after the customer has agreed to pay the fees. The technician will usually carry the diagnostic and repair tools, and supplies including batteries for repair or replacement of the battery so that the battery is restored at the earliest. After the battery is replaced or repaired, the customer has to pay the charges by cash, credit card, or bank transfer