Great Recruitment Agencies Use an Applicant Tracking System

Employers in every sector are always looking to expand their business and hire new employees to either take over specific roles or replace those that are no longer available. As mentioned here, it can be quite a lengthy process and as such, the act of hiring new employees is something employers hire agencies to do for them so they can get on with other day-to-day tasks. 

This is where a firm such as a recruitment agency comes into play. A recruitment agency is a company specifically created to help companies find the right candidates for the job, either on a temporary, contract, or permanent manner. Below we will look at the difference between two types, as well as what to look out for when hiring one to work for you.

Why Companies Outsource Hiring Processes

There are two main types of agencies namely employment and recruitment, and this article will explain them both more precisely:   

The main difference between these two is that getting a job through a recruiter makes you an employee of a company and filling a role through an employment agency makes you an employer of that agency. 

The act of employing someone to work at a specific company or organization is no doubt a time-consuming one, especially for companies that are constantly busy and have other more elaborate tasks at hand. For many, it is also a struggle to sometimes get the rid fit for the job. The typical scenario for a hiring manager at any company is to sift through hundreds of applicant CVS to find the right skills and competencies, and sometimes they aren’t as lucky.

This is where the recruiters can make a significant difference to the entire process. They help them to find specific skills and people who know how to do the job and have the right educational background and work experience. Thus, companies often hire them to help out with things because it takes half the time and the chances of finding someone with the capabilities to match the job description, are higher.

Once a pool of potential candidates is found, all the employer needs to do is interview them and narrow them down to the one right person for the job. Agencies that offer these services play an integral role for many businesses as they seek to find the best fit as opposed to guesswork by the employer who has no time for such endeavors.

Is an Agency for You?

Many company owners and hiring managers often contemplate whether they should be outsourcing their staff hires or not. For candidates, it could be a case of knowing exactly which organization to work for, and applying directly with them. But this does not always work. 

Both candidates and employers typically use these hiring agencies to help them, because of a few factors. Not only do they have an existing list of direct contact details for those looking for a job, but they also act as the middle man between the company and the applicant, making communications simpler and more effective. 

The truth is, not every employer will look at a CV or take the time to consider an applicant if someone else cv is better suited for the role and is on top of the pile. Recruiters can also negotiate salaries, put in a good word for you, and help ease most of the stresses related to finding a job within the shortest time. 

As a partnership between the company and hiring agency, this is one of the best solutions for those who are looking to fill a position with the best person. So, how do they do it?

How Recruitment Agencies Can Help Your Company

How Recruitment Agencies Can Help Your Company

If you have never used a service such as this before, the below information will give you some insight into it so the next time you need help, they can step up to the plate. The truth of the matter is, there are some brilliant ones, and some not so brilliant ones. The trick is to find the one that is the best for your business. 

A few things to pay heed to include:

  • Checking that the firm is part of a larger group of recruitment or employment organization
  • Their rate of placement is high
  • Reviews on their websites are of a positive nature
  • They are easy to communicate with
  • They will look at all aspects of your business as well as what you are after in an employer
  • They don’t overcharge you
  • They give you access to candidate CVS so you are constantly kept in the loop
  • They do not inundate you with unnecessary work
  • They have a policy whereby if you are not happy with the candidate you can tell them and they will continue to look for someone else who is a better fit
  • They can advertise the open position on reputable job sites for you
  • They put everything down in writing for instance into a contract specifying what they will do to help you
  • Payment terms are agreed upon upfront

Lastly, any great service will keep things simple and have automated systems in place to ensure accuracy and a streamlined process,  such as using an applicant tracking system for recruiting agency and access to which can be given to the employer

From the perspective of the recruiter, with the right tools at hand, all of the above and more can be possible. One of the best solutions for these companies that offer this as a service is to be smart about how they go about doing the work. 

The best solution for finding the right person for the job, is through using automated systems, which enhance the experience and accurately gauge good applicants from the not-so-good ones. hopefully this should hep you decide on whom to go for the next time you’re in the position to hire someone.