How did E = mc² become a famous equation?

The important thing to consider is that E=mc² is the culmination of decades of painstaking scientific research by many brilliant scientists. In the end, it led to the theories of Special and General Relativity – arguably the most profound development in our understanding of the universe of all time.

E = mc² is one of the conclusions Einstein was able to draw, after years of hard work and number crunching for conclusive, airtight proof of all of his findings. It is, in fact, an extremely condensed equation and a mathematical explanation of why this equation is true, and the mass-energy equivalence would indeed require many pages to explain.

Since we couldn’t begin to understand all the theories and mathematics behind it all, E = mc² became General Relativity’s catchphrase as it were.

Einstein formulated the formula, E=mc2, in 1905. Few equations in physics are simple, and this particular one could be the simplest of all. In a very plain explanation, this equation of Einstein’s merely states that every mass has the potential to become energy when multiplied by the square of the speed of light. This explained how stars and the sun could emit energy.

During the cold war, all energies were directed upon producing atomic weapons. Einstein was one of the scientists who worked towards the task. His equation is said to be the source of the atomic bomb, and he was known later as the Father of the bomb. One can say that the implications of the production of nuclear power were far-reaching and abominable. However, it did prove the intelligence of Einstein’s brain that used the resources of the Earth to its advantages in ways that he kept discovering and inventing.

His equation’s fame rested on its simplicity. It was easy to say and easy to remember. Moreover, it was easily applied to the problems of physics to which it gave satisfactory answers. Ironically enough, it had the biggest implication of all, the nuclear bomb!

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