How GPS jammer jam the signals

GPS navigator is a helpful device for drivers. In one minute you can check the way of direction. But the GPS is not applicable. Today everybody can check the location with this system. So if there is a possibility of being anonym, the best way is to choose a GPS jammer that will make an invisible protection ball — the jammer blocks all satellite navigation frequencies within a radius of up to 15 meters. So you can be sure that your direction nobody will know.

Principle of device work

Spies use GPS devices for surveillance. Gps jammer blocks satellite navigation frequencies. One of the best modern models of such equipment is a portable instrument. The device jams communication in five bands with the possibility of selective suppression of each channel. It is notable for its small size (only 12 cm in length) and low weight, so the device can be taken anywhere. It has a universal power supply – from 220 V, an onboard network of the car, and a built-in battery, which lasts 90 minutes of autonomous work. The micro-switches trigger channel blocking and the indicator light corresponding to the antenna responsible for suppressing a particular frequency band lights up.

It has an ergonomic pouch that allows you to wear the device on the belt. The principle of the blocker is to create a potent interference in five bands used for satellite navigation. As a result, the satellites “lose” the object protected by the jammer (car, bus, boat, etc.), and the user is guaranteed to get rid of tracking. All that is needed to start working is to provide power to the device, attach removable antennas and turn it on. Then you can activate or deactivate the suppression of individual bands based on the conditions of use of the device.