How to earn bitcoins for free

Bitcoins (BTC) can be received not only through investments. There are ways to earn them for free, which in addition are less risky. This article will tell you how to earn free bitcoins. If you want to dive deeper, go by the link.

Is it possible to get free bitcoins?

Getting bitcoins always requires some knowledge. Beginners are not advised to invest their money as they will easily lose it. But today there are many ways to earn bitcoins without investing. 

Free methods usually involve making simple actions of an advertising nature, for which a reward is due. But the payment is very small and is more of an accumulative nature. 

Methods without investment imply two options. In the first case, they are completely free, that is, you only need access to the Internet to make money. In the second case, they are free only conditionally. They are called free because the required investments are based on the necessary daily expenses. Or they do not require any payment at all, just the existence of an account.

How to generate bitcoins without spending?

Bitcoin has risen in value many times since its inception. Nowadays not everyone can afford at least one token. This is the reason for the high entry threshold into crypto trading and the crypto industry in general.

Let’s answer the question of how to earn bitcoins for free by citing several ways:

  • Cryptogames. These kinds of games work on P2E (play-to-earn) technology. Typically, these are games with primitive mechanics, located on the pages of sites with lots of advertising. To get the reward you need to perform certain actions or tasks. 
  • Jobs for cryptocurrency. Companies providing blockchain services are often looking for qualified specialists. These can be both one-time offers and permanent jobs. The main difference between such jobs is precise that the salary is paid in cryptocurrency.
  • Using a crypto browser. Cryptobrowser is an example of passive bitcoin earning without investment. Rewards are paid both for simply using the browser and for viewing ads that appear at random times in a certain part of the page. But there are also browsers that will use your computer’s processing power for mining. 
  • Learning about cryptocurrency. One valid way would be to earn money through services that provide courses to study cryptocurrencies. After taking the courses, you need to take a test. Correct answers to the questions are rewarded with payment in the form of the cryptocurrency being studied.

How to generate bitcoins without spending?

  • Taking surveys. Companies need feedback, that’s why they conduct paid questions. There is nothing innovative in it, but payment in the form of cryptocurrency began to be introduced for the purpose of stimulation. 
  • Bitcoin faucets. Faucets are services, which pay for viewing advertising. In order to pay, it is usually necessary to solve the captcha after the set interval. This method with minimal risk has a corresponding payment. 
  • Airdrops. Some companies issue their own tokens. In order to popularize them, they are distributed for free. To obtain them, you need to perform certain actions specified by the company.

Free bitcoins with investments

Cryptocurrency can not only be traded but also simply receive interest from it. If you already have some amount, you can effectively invest it.

Here is an example of bitcoin investing with minimal risk:

  •    Cashback. There are credit cards or just extensions in your browser that allow you to get a percentage of purchases in affiliate stores. That is, the things you need to buy anyway, and with this method, some of it will come back in the form of crypto.
  • DeFi lending, steaking, savings account. Decentralization allows you to lend cryptocurrency to people, earning interest. The account provided differs only in the purpose for which it will be used. Usually, the account provided is frozen, but once the loan expires, it is returned again, but with interest.