How to make a healthy cocktail at home

There are several types of food and drinks that we enjoy taking to quench our taste or for our pleasure. One of such drinks that we take for pleasure is the cocktail. You might be wondering what a cocktail is and if it is possible to make a healthy cocktail at home. This article will provide answers to these questions.

What is a cocktail?

A cocktail is a type of alcoholic drink that consists of spirit(s) mixed with cream, fruit juice or other ingredients. Hence, it is not a non-alcoholic drink and all the rules that apply to alcoholic drinks also apply to cocktails.

Is it possible to make a healthy cocktail at home?

Not only is it possible to make a healthy cocktail, but it is also possible to make a healthy cocktail at home. For a cocktail to be healthy, it has to be low in calories, carbs, and sugar. It is also worthy of note that the quantity of alcohol in most healthy cocktails will be more than what you will get from a cup of wine. The implication is that you would have to take a lesser quantity to avoid getting drunk. Hence, you can opt for homemade food and recipes you can do by yourself.

Tips to make a healthy cocktail at home

If you want to make a healthy cocktail at home, here are some tips to follow.

Read about recipes for a healthy cocktail

There are several recipe books or websites on the internet that you can go through to find recipes for healthy cocktails. You can get this information and follow them to prepare your cocktail. The information will normally include what you would need to prepare the cocktail and how to go about preparing the cocktail. You might be wondering if it is going to be easy to prepare a healthy cocktail at home. The answer is yes as it would be easy to find the ingredients that you need and the process is straight forward without requiring any special equipment. There are always manual alternatives for the recipes that you might have needed equipment for. You will find recipes that would show you how to create healthy recipes with just lime or lemon, soda water, and tequila or vodka.

Getting the ingredients

When you are getting ingredients, it is often a great idea to ensure that you get the right ingredients. If possible get the particular brand of the ingredients that contains the lowest calories. Since your emphasis is on making a healthy cocktail, you should concentrate on that and ensure you get the best ingredients for your healthy cocktail. Some cocktail ingredients are hard to find and also the proper bar tools. You might want to go for the cocktails with easier recipes and that would not need those tools.

Preparation process

When preparing your cocktail, you should be sure to properly follow the recipe if you want to get exactly the type of cocktail described in the recipe. This does not mean tweaking the recipe will not be a good idea. By tweaking the recipe, you might be able to reduce the number of calories further, thereby making an even healthier cocktail. You might also want to reduce the alcohol level so that you can get a cocktail you can consume more of without getting drunk.