If a Zombie Bites a Vampire, Does the Vampire Become A Zombie?

Zombies and vampires are based on myths and folklore originating from the 17th and 18th centuries. However, their birth origin is not confirmed. They were first introduced in films and movies as menacing monsters that ate one’s flesh and devoured their blood. They were a big hit in the movie production of the ’90s and caught the attention of every horror-loving person.

On the surface, vampires and zombies only transform the living into the dead. They’re both already dead, so there is nothing left to convert. What could happen is that their abilities can combine to become a “vambie,” a vampire-zombie mix. 

Other than that, neither would bite the other anyway. Vampires will not bite zombies for the same reason that they’re not alive, and they wouldn’t eat rotten, moldy, and ruined food.

Theories Concerning Zombies


A zombie, otherwise known as the walking dead, was first known in 1819 from folklore and superstitions. The word used for zombies was derived from the Congo word “nzambi (meaning god). Some authors believe that it was derived from the fetish word “number or Zumbi,” but zombies are still but a myth. 

Another theory as to why the myth of the walking dead was brought into existence is that in the early 17th century, Haiti’s country.  The slaves were made to do heavy labor and were tortured; they would commit suicide rather than living to stop the slaves from taking their own lives. The kings and nobles started spreading rumors that taking one’s own life turns the person into half-dead zombies.

Other myths about zombies refer to the death of a person with lingering hate, hopes, wishes, etc. If a person dies with some lingering desire or need, he is turned into a half-dead walking monster that does not pass until his wish is fulfilled.

Another popular theory is that some mysterious virus or disease created by some doctors or scientists caused a patient to start biting and attacking living people. As a result, that caused the infection to spread, and hence, an apocalypse of the living dead started that spread all over the world.

What happens if a Zombie Bites a Human?


Theoretically, if a zombie bites a human being, he would inject the virus he was affected with. When that happens, the virus enters into the body of the human being, slowly spreading throughout the body till the last blood cells and white blood cells are converted and affected by it. 

It also affects the brain and alters a person’s senses into being this sick-looking victim whose appetite consists of finding and eating human flesh. When they completely “turn” or get overwhelmed by the virus, they can no longer reason nor talk. 

The only thing their behavior consists of is lunging in and biting the flesh of a human. A zombie can only be stopped and killed by being shot in the brain, which stops all their brain function and ultimately kills them completely.

Theories Concerning Vampires


Like zombies, the word “vampire” was first used in folklore and recorded in Eastern Europe in the late 17th and 18th centuries. The cause of myth’s creation was because, in Western Europe, there was a spread of an illness that caused disorders in the nervous system and brain. At the time, the locals thought that it was some curse, so they named the people affected by the illness a “vampire.”

It is believed that the holy men of that time made the locals believed in the rumors of humans that could drink your blood; hence the locals killed all the people affected by the disease by staking their hearts.

The famous character “Dracula” also depicts a bloodthirsty vampire that drinks blood from human beings. The depiction of Dracula’s character led to the widespread awareness of what vampires can be or are theorized to be as bloodthirsty immortal beings who do not die. 

As opposed to a braindead zombie, a vampire is a fully functional being with supernatural abilities and intellect that surpass a regular human by three or four times. They require blood to survive, and if not exposed to the sun, they can live forever, or as theorized. 

A vampire is extremely difficult to kill, but things like garlic, salt, wooden stake, etc., are effective in killing a vampire. However, since they have supernatural abilities, it would make them extremely hard to kill.

So, What Would Happen if a Zombie Bites a Vampire?

If a zombie bites a vampire, the zombie would have a hard time making it out alive. The vampire would heal instantly and shred the zombie into pieces.

A zombie virus can still affect a vampire, but since the vampires possess instant healing abilities and a strong immune system, they would be able to fight the virus from spreading throughout the body and turning them into a zombie. 

Another possibility is that the zombie can turn into a vampire as vampires suck blood and zombies like to eat human brains; the converted zombie or a “vambie” would be able to do both, which is not good news for the human race. 

The two different scenarios can take place. Firstly, the vampire can get infected, and then he will heal instantly and kill the zombie. Secondly, there is also the possibility of the zombie turning into a vampire by sucking the vampire’s blood. The vampire would become an ultimate zombie, and it would be more frightening and deadlier than a zombie, even though it is rare to happen. 

Zombie Biting a Vampire – A Rare Case 

If a zombie were to bite a vampire, which wouldn’t happen in the first place since vampires possess supernatural abilities and would easily kill the zombie, then two things would happen. 

A zombie can turn into a vampire by consuming vampire blood, making him an ultimate zombie. The second scenario would be that the vampire would get affected by the zombie virus but would overcome it due to their super regenerating abilities and, in return, kill the zombie. Hence the vampire wouldn’t turn at all but would remain a vampire. Either way, it would be an epic showdown.