Insurance Adjusters: New Tools You Need

Insurance adjusters need tools to carry out their job duties. A new adjuster may wonder what tools are essential and which they can do without. Certain items are crucial to complete tasks, and new tools come out regularly. When the time comes to work as an adjuster, have the following tools on hand to make these tasks easier. 

Underwriting Software 

Verikai is a great tool every insurance adjuster should have. This type of platform works to reduce the risk of underwriting while ensuring the adjuster complies with corporate and regulatory requirements. It uses machine learning and behavioral data to provide verifiable results.

Risk prediction becomes easier, and users love that it can be used to automate underwriting regardless of what program the adjuster uses. Companies find they can close more sales and boost profits when doing so with the use of this type of platform. In addition, the program improves efficiency and the loss ratio. 

A Reliable Vehicle

Today, adjusters find they must travel to various locations and a basic vehicle may not be enough to enter some areas. An insurance adjuster needs to consider upgrading their vehicle, particularly when they regularly handle CAT claims. Fuel economy becomes a concern, as insurance adjusters drive a lot when they carry out their duties. In fact, they can easily put 100 miles or more each day on their car.

This vehicle should not be eye-catching or expensive, however. An adjuster may find they have to enter areas where a car of this type stands out and could entice criminals to strip or steal the car. 

Portable Computing Device

Adjusters need a device to enter information about the claim. Some individuals choose to invest in a robust laptop that will hold up as they go about their duties. Other adjusters, however, prefer to use a mobile device, such as a cell phone or tablet. When choosing a device to use, look for one with a high-quality camera, as this eliminates the need to carry a separate camera to document the damage.

Adjusters find it easier to go about their duties when they don’t have to carry as many tools. However, always carry multiple charging tools so the device is always ready for use. 

Mileage Apps

An adjuster, particularly those who are self-employed, is required to track their mileage for tax purposes. Don’t invest in a manual log to complete this task. Use a mileage app to track and download the miles to other programs. Men and women who use these programs say they make life easier.

The user can download the information every day and no longer worry about losing a paper mileage log. The information can easily be accessed with any device connected to the internet, and the adjuster gets a better understanding of how and where they drive. This information can help them plan their client visits. 

In addition to these tools, insurance adjusters must dress for the job. Choose comfortable shoes that offer good traction, as an adjuster cannot know what conditions they will encounter throughout the day. Professional workwear is needed to present the right impression when meeting clients, and adjusters need seasonal wear for the climate in which they work. With these items, any person will find working as an adjuster becomes easier, so invest in them today.