Mistakes to Avoid In Customer Services

We cannot deny that businesses that provide quality customer services always win the race. The success of any company lies in how they treat their customers, and if they have satisfied them fully or not. The support department plays quite an important role in creating a link between the company and the consumers. That being said, this article is going to highlight all the mistakes a company should avoid when it comes to its customer services. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

1. Making the Customer Wait for Too Long

Customers run low on patience especially when they are calling the company for a complaint. You don’t want to give them more reasons to turn away from your business. And frankly speaking, everyone hates waiting in line. Most often, companies get low star ratings primarily due to this very reason. This leaves a poor impression of the company on not only the current subscribers but also the future potential consumers as well.

In this regard, we can take a look at one of the largest internet service providers in the country; Cox Communication, as they provide impeccable customer service. This ISP is famous for its reliable and outstanding support. With Cox internet customer service, the consumers don’t have to wait to get their queries answered. It is essentially a hassle-free experience for every customer as their representative immediately starts working to resolve any issues that come up.

We understand that there are certain situations where the agents have to make the customers wait in line. During that time, they can incorporate various strategies that can help in letting your consumers know that you care about their time. They need to show consideration by using expressions are “Are you with me?” or “I’m sorry for the delay, but we are working to resolve your issue.” These things can change the one-star rating to five in no time.

2. Not Listening to the Customers

If your service agents don’t practice the art of listening, then we have bad news for your company. Effective customer support agents always listen to the subscribers. This art needs to be cultivated in every service agent that works for any business. The support team needs to be all ears for the consumer and make them feel heard and understood.

Do you know what puts off the consumers? When the service agent on the line keeps assuming things on their own and does not let the customers explain the reason for their call. We cannot stress enough how important it is for the support team to be completely attentive. Also, keeping asking the customers to repeat themselves shows that you were not listening in the first place.

Therefore, listen to the customers with your complete attention, take notes, and understand what they are trying to say without jumping to the conclusion beforehand.

3. Losing Composure

Calm composure is one of the basic things any service agent needs to practice. The support team needs to know how to stay patient even if the customer, who is on the call, is rude and pretty angry. Thick skin can help you a lot because you have to deal with all kinds of callers on a daily basis and staying patient is only going to help the representative and the company.

If the caller on the other line keeps giving rude remarks and threats and the representative also begins to speak in the same manner then know that the whole interaction is definitely not going to end well for the reputation of the company and also for the agent’s future in the said company.

With that being said, train the customer support agents to remain calm even in times of adversity. They should maintain a positive tone and use language that does not convey any negative message. Instead of saying, “We can’t do anything about your problem” try saying “I’m sorry that you had to experience this. Let me help you in resolving the issue.”

4. Lack of Empathy

A service agent should be empathetic towards the callers. They should be considerate and sensitive. Good customer support understands where the consumers are coming from, and tries to show their support by expressing thoughtfulness, as opposed to indifference.

A rep must let the customers know that they identify with their issues and talk to them in the same manner you would want to be talked if you were in this is the situation. As a rep, you need to make sure that your customer knows that you both are on the same team.

Instead of expressing that you don’t care, try using phrases like, “We appreciate your patience and completely empathize with you. Your issues will be resolved shortly. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to us if any problem arises.”

5. Irrelevant Phone Menu Options

A company that is simple and does not confuse the customers always becomes the favorite in the end. Knowing that customer’s time is valuable and important is something that should be shown in even your phone menu options. If a customer is greeted with complex menu offerings, they will easily get flustered and turn away from your service in seconds.

Customers put their time, energy, and money into contacting you with a particular issue in mind. For that, they expect immediate response and engagement. This is why when it comes to customer service, try being precise and simple with the interaction options. Phone support should be an easy way to communicate, not a whole hassle for the callers. This way the customers will know that you value their time and keep things as simple as you can.

6. Passing Around Callers

No one likes to be tossed around by multiple service agents, especially when none of them are willing to listen or comprehend the issue and provide a solution to it. This also gives the message that the company needs to work on its support team.

A customer service agent must know the answers to the questions of the callers. Or at least they should be prepared for it. If they keep redirecting the customers to other reps, then it gives an impression that the company needs to hire more knowledgeable reps. Even if they don’t know the solution to a problem, the agents should make efforts so that the customers don’t feel unimportant.

Instead of keep saying, “I don’t know. Let me send your call forward” try practicing “I’m sorry, I don’t know the answer to your query but let me find it out for you quickly.” And then don’t make the customer wait for too long.

Key Takeaway

To err is human but when it comes to customer service, a single mistake can cost your company a huge loss. It is extremely important for businesses to train their support team on how to interact with customers. Poor customer experience can cause a significant decrease in a company’s sales. Not only this, but it could also paint your business’s image poorly in the market.

In this article, we have highlighted some of the most common mistakes in customers services. Businesses only thrive when they work consciously to avoid the above-mentioned mistakes in their customer service. A happy and satisfied customer means a successful company.