New casinos with no deposit bonus

Reputable gambling clubs offer gifts. These promotions have different formats and different types.

Types of no deposit bonuses casinos

Online casinos from are interested in attracting new customers, so they are willing to sacrifice part of the net profit to expand the user audience. For this purpose, they create and develop programs of bonus promotions, most of which require making a deposit, which is real money to the account of the organization. However, it is also possible to find companies that open access to the bonus immediately after registration. The types of no-deposit bonus promotions will be discussed in this article.

How do no-deposit bonuses work?

The main form of a no-deposit bonus is a free spin. This is a coupon that gives the right to one free attempt to spin the reel of a slot machine (or participate in the game, depending on the specific terms of the promotion). Usually, free spins are issued from a few pieces to several dozen. The total amount of free spin bets range from $3 to $20, with winnings rarely exceeding $100 to $200.

It is important to keep in mind that the promotion almost always involves setting a maximum winning ceiling. Funds received on free bets above the set ceiling will simply be deducted.

Also in most no deposit promotions, a mandatory condition for withdrawal is the wager, which is a number indicating how much of the bonus amount must be wagered from a real game account.

Some promotions do not indicate a wager condition, but they are in the minority. Thus, in most cases, although the bonus is indeed formally non-deposit and can be received immediately, it is possible to withdraw funds won on free bets only after playing with your funds in the amount specified in the conditions of the promotion.

Main types of no deposit bonuses

Each bonus has its terms and conditions, and it’s important to study them before using the online casino’s offer. Nevertheless, the basic classification distinguishes the following types.

Free Spins with a wager as a welcome bonus

The essence is the allocation of free bets either for a certain amount or in a certain amount. In most cases, the sum has to be wagered. For example, if the conditions specify a wager of 60, then you need to make 60 bets from your account to withdraw the possible winnings.

In this case, the use of welcome free spins can be immediately after registration.

Free Spins for an hour

In 2017, another bonus practice has become widespread. An active player who is online on the organization’s website was offered to use the service “bonus for an hour”. The essence is still reduced to the provision of free spins, but they are allocated only for an hour. The terms of such promotions are also often quite faceted. For example, wagering free bets can only be on a particular type of slot machine.

Free Spins by promo codes

There are many ways to get a casino bonus promo code. Some of them are distributed by the companies themselves, others are issued for distribution to partner bloggers. Terms of use for them are generally identical to the registration free spins. The difference may lie only in the number of free spins, the amount of the wager, as well as the duration of the action.