Points To Consider When Buying Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are an easy way to enhance your natural beauty while getting a boost in volume. Eyelash extensions are the new “it” thing. They’re fun, they’re flirty, and they can give you that extra oomph to your everyday look. However, there is a lot of controversy surrounding them because not all lash extensions are created equal! There are so many questions about these beauties: how do I choose the right lash extension? How long will they last? What should I be looking for in an eyelash extension brand?

When buying eyelash extensions, it is important to think of the purpose for which you need them. There are many different types of lashes that can be used for different purposes, so it’s best not to jump into something without doing all the research and knowing what kind of lash will work best for you and your needs (i.e., length, thickness, etc.) They come in varying lengths, thicknesses, and styles; from long and full lashes with a dramatic curl or criss-cross style lashes, there is sure to be something out there that is perfect for you.

1. Find Out What Type Of Eyelash Extensions You Want

There are many different forms of lashes that can be used.

Individual eyelash extensions

Individual eyelash extensions are the best option for someone who is looking to give their eyes a fuller look. They give you significant volume and even make your eyes look bigger! But, if applied by an inexperienced technician, they can easily go wrong by poking your eyes or getting stuck in contacts, etc. Individual lashes take a much longer time to apply than strip lash applications, so quality must be maintained at all times when applying them; otherwise, it’s not worth your while.

Cluster False Lash Extensions

False eyelashes are also known as cluster lashes because they are made up of multiple individual eyelashes that have been glued together into one lash, which gives the lashes a dramatic look. False eyelashes give you great volume because they are made up of multiple lashes to form one strand. They are mostly worn after applying strip lash extensions, which gives them more definition and makes your eyes pop even more!

Whatever eyelash extensions you get, make sure you get eyelash extensions for every day purpose.

Strip Lash Extensions

The number one trending lash extension is the strip eyelash application! We all know what these are, but do you really know how they work? These eyelashes are usually applied on top of each other with no spacing between them to give maximum volume. They can be cut to size if necessary for people who have monolid eyes or any eye shape. However, care must be taken not to place too many lashes in the center because this will cause discomfort once they grow out. One can also apply synthetic eyelashes on top of strip lash extensions to give them the appearance of a more natural look.

Individual Lash Extensions

Individual lash extension is applied one by one to each individual lash to create length and volume where it is needed most. While these are gorgeous, they take much longer than strip lashes! Generally speaking, it takes 1 hour for an application which will last about three weeks with proper care. Because these are applied individually, there are no restrictions on your eye shape or monolid eyes. There are many different types of single lash tints you can choose from as well! If you have short, brittle lashes, this may be the best option for you since you get all new lashes! There’s no need to curl or apply mascara – your lashes will look naturally long and full.

2. Length Of Wear

Length Of Wear

Everyone’s preference for eyelash length is different, but when it comes to purchasing lash extensions, there are two types that you need to know about: short-term and long-term lashes. These lashes come in all shapes and sizes (and prices!), so when deciding what lash is best for you, ask yourself one question; how much time do I want to take care of them?

3. Application Process

Lash Extensions are applied one lash at a time, by hand, so the application process is fundamental. When deciding how to find the best eyelash extensions, you need to look for brands that offer consultations with their technicians to perfect the application process.

4. Falsies Vs. Vegan Lashes

So many people are surprised to find out that not all lash extensions are vegan! Some lash brands will use mink, rabbit, or horsehair. Make sure you go for a cruelty-free brand so your lashes can have the same humane treatment as your own eyelashes!

5. Length And Volume

Length And Volume

Choose a lash brand that offers length and volume options. If you want to enhance what you already have, look for brands that offer natural lash extensions. But if you want an over-the-top glam look, find a brand that provides statement eyelash sets!

6. Application Time

The time it takes to apply eyelash extensions can vary depending on whether they are being applied by a professional or at home. Still, either way, they will take some time, so make sure you leave yourself enough free time before any important activities! For example, if you have plans after work, don’t expect to leave work and dash to your appointment and get back right on time.

7. Brand Reputation

Don’t just walk into a lash studio and expect to get a good quality eyelash extension because not all lash studios are credible! Make sure you look up reviews or ask friends who have their eyelashes done where they booked an appointment.

8. Consultation/Consent

Consultation Consent

The customer is always right, especially when it comes to your eyes and lashes! Make sure that any lash artist (whether professional or at home) asks you what kind of look you’re going for before applying any type of eyelash extensions on you because each client has different desires! A false impression can be given if the lashes don’t suit the desired look, leading to some awkward situations and potential lash problems.

9. Removal

So, you decided that you want to take your eyelash extensions off already? Well, make sure that the lash artist takes them off in the most gentle way possible! If they are not removed correctly, it can damage your natural lashes.

10. Aftercare


Keep up with post-extension care! Make sure to use an oil-free eye makeup remover when removing any residue or mascara after applying mascara on top of your eyelash extensions. Also, avoid using waterproof mascara for 7-10 days because it will be difficult for your lash professional to remove it properly if you don’t wait long enough after application. Drying time is also essential! Do not your face immediately after application because it will affect how the adhesive sets. Wait at least 10-15 minutes before doing so!

11. Sagging/Falling Eyelashes

There are several reasons why this may happen. Sometimes your lash artist may have applied too many lashes to one natural lash, making it appear thicker than average, which can cause it to fall out sooner than usual. If you notice that your extensions are gradually falling out a little bit at a time or that a specific area of your eye is losing them faster than others, then there might be an issue with the quality of the eyelash extensions they used on you. This most likely means that these lashes were not made from 100% human hair and therefore wouldn’t last long enough for their price.