Starting A Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing Business


Hand sanitizer is a liquid-based substance that sometimes also comes in the form of gel or foam, applied to the hand for the purpose of removing germs and pathogens i.e disease-causing bacterias. It can also be called hand rub or hand antiseptic. Due to the outbreak of various bacterias and viruses around, there comes the need for the usage of this substance, thereby increasing its demand in society. This, in turn, proffers a means of using hand sanitizer for business.

Hand sanitizer comes in handy in the absence of water and soap to wash the hand or as a substitute to replace the aforementioned. Also, it is recommended when washing hands with soap and water affects the skin. It can be used as a simple and easy way of infection or disease control in different places like schools, hospitals, churches, supermarkets, etc.


The effectiveness of hand sanitizers varies, sometimes depending on the product and the ingredients used in manufacturing it. Although, its effectiveness also depends on the type of sanitizer used. There are two types of hand sanitizers, which the sole difference is the active ingredients used. Namely; alcohol-based or alcohol-free.

Alcohol-based products typically contain between 60 and 95 percent alcohol, usually in the form of ethanol, isopropanol, or n-propanol. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer takes up to 30 seconds when rubbed thoroughly on hands to remove germs, bacterias, and viruses.

Alcohol-free products are generally based on disinfectants, such as benzalkonium chloride (BAC), or on antimicrobial agents, such as triclosan. The activity of disinfectants and antimicrobial agents is both immediate and persistent.

Starting A Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing Business

The Coronavirus pandemic has suddenly increased the demand for hand sanitizers throughout the world because of the preventive requirement of frequent handwashing. With the soaring demand, the supply of hand sanitizers has reduced to a great extent, creating demand higher than before. Starting a hand sanitizer business is one of the ideas borne out of the increase in demand, which can serve as a good source of income. Definitely, there are various things to consider before venturing into the manufacturing business such as installing high-quality fiberglass grating if corrosion is a big no to your business. Visit this site and find out the best Fiberglass grating for sale for the lowest price.  Other considerations in opening a business include;

Obtaining License and Insurance – Before starting your business, there is the need to register, be certified, or given permission to carry on production by the organization concerned in your respective country. An experienced insurance broker should be able to help you in choosing the type of insurance policies suitable for your company.

Following stated guidelines – There are guidelines provided by WHO to be followed when manufacturing hand sanitizer, in terms of the ingredients to be used, the quantity to be used based on the type you are making. Each type of hand sanitizer has different types of ingredients to be used in certain proportions, to prevent after use side effects.

Economic Analysis – With a successful business in mind, you should put into consideration your financial capability. There should be adequate research done on the business, There are lots of things that require capital in order to be put in place. Ranging from the cost of setting up, cost of equipment, raw materials, and branding.

Marketing – Having a good marketing strategy in place, to ensure making maximum profit, to ensure the growth of the business. Hand sanitizer can be sold in markets, schools, government offices, shops, etc.