Is Hummingbird the Smallest Bird? How Small is It?

Is hummingbird the smallest bird? How small is it?

When it comes to birds, nature has a lot to offer. No matter where you are, whether in the middle of a populated city, a vast desert, or a lonely island in the middle of the ocean, you can always find some birds. According to one estimate made in 2010, there were … Read more

Is there any bird which is poisonous?

Is there any bird which is poisonous?

Most poisonous birds have high concentrations of batrachotoxin in their belly, breast, and leg feathers. The toxin can numb or paralyze on contact. Needless to say, the poison protects them from predators. Here are some bird species that are considered to be toxic and poisonous. Blue-Capped Ifrit The blue-capped ifrit, sometimes called … Read more

How does bat manage to fly in the dark night?

How does bat manage to fly in the dark?

It is an eerie experience to sit outside a cave, in the dusk of early evening, and watch the bats come out, flying swiftly and silently, like moving shadows. They have a marvelous way of avoiding obstacles; and unless they are frightened, they never collide with each other. Though we don’t hear … Read more

Why some birds like Ostrich, Kiwi, and Penguins are flightless?

Why some birds like Ostrich, Kiwi and Penguins are flightless

Have you ever wished you were a falcon, soaring in great heights and diving steeply at high speeds? How about being an eagle, rising mightily above the prairie? For the longest time, most of us ruefully watched birds as they ascend to the sky through their wings. However, you might be surprised … Read more

What is the world’s largest vulture? And where is it seen?

What is the world's largest vulture? And where is it seen?

Vultures are among the largest birds of prey, but they come in varying sizes themselves. There are several species within the vulture category, and it’s believed that the largest of these are Condor Vulture, also known as the Andean Condor. The physical details of this bird are as follows: Maximum wingspan: 3.2 … Read more

Do parrots know what they are talking about?

Do parrots know what they are talking about?

Out of all the bird species around the globe, there are someknown to have the ability to talk, and these talking birds could learn up to a hundred words. One famous example of a talking bird is the parrot. Parrots are a vast group of birds mostly found in tropical and subtropical … Read more

Which bird lays the largest egg?

Which bird lays the largest egg

What Is It? Ostrich Being the largest among the extant bird species on planet Earth, the Ostrich lays the largest eggs in the world too. While it cannot fly, its incredible speed makes up for this lack of ability. Its agility is handy when pursuing intruders in its nest or when running … Read more