How do neon and fluorescent lights work?

How do neon and fluorescent lights work?

Neon Light         Cool, colorful, and eerily radiant; a neon tube emits a light of almost seductive elegance. But mesmerizing as their shimmer may be, neon systems owe their glow to nothing more glamorous than a bit of gas and a jolt of electricity. Sealed within the glass tubing … Read more

How long did the first light bulb stay lit?

How long did the first light bulb stay lit?

This is the photograph of the first incandescent bulb, and it was made by Thomas Edison. With more than one thousand patent to his name and his company, Thomas Alva Edison is one of the most celebrated inventors in the history. His first job was of a telegraph operator at a train station, … Read more

Which gasses are used in electric bulbs? Or is a vacuum left inside?

Electric bulbs are filled with inert gases. The actual type of gas used differs depending on the variety of the electric bulb. As the filament ignites, tungsten particles move away from the filament, resulting in the filament’s weakening and eventual breakage through time. But, the existence of inert gases within the light … Read more

How does compact disc (CD) work?

How does compact disc CD work

Having a thickness of a mere 1.2 millimeters and a diameter of 12 centimeters, a CD weighs only 28 grams but has the capacity to store 74 minutes of music recording or 783 megabytes data on its 5 kilometers long spiral track. Compact disc mainly comprises of three layers. The topmost layer … Read more

What is meant by a zero watt bulb?

What is meant by a zero watt bulb

Paying our monthly electricity bill is always a concern. That is why we look for ways on how to reduce or maintain a low consumption if possible. There are ways on how we can cut expenses to our power bills and save a few bucks.  The way to start is by comparing … Read more