Who invented solar cells to harness the Sun’s energy?

Who invented solar cells to harness the Suns energy

Our modern world mostly relies on electricity. Several establishments, houses, vehicles, and many others, need electrical power to function. This electrical power is also present in the technology that we have today, including phones, computers, and household appliances. That is why we can say that electricity is essential to our daily lives, … Read more

Who Invented The World Wide Web? When Was It?

Who invented the World Wide Web When was it

Our modern technology allows us to stay connected even in different parts of the globe. Since the start of computers, society is starting to adapt to a faster-paced environment. One significant factor in this is the use of the internet. For starters, the internet is a cyberinfrastructure, which interconnects several computers all … Read more

Who Invented The Pneumatic Tire? (Robert William Thomson)

Who invented the Pneumatic tire Robert William Thomson

Just riding our way to work, school, or the mall would make us appreciate the invention of tires. Whenever we use modern land transportation, we utilize various vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, trucks, and buses. Interestingly, all of these modes of transportation include the use of pneumatic tires, or simply called tires. … Read more

How many patents are granted for perpetual motion machine so far?

How many patents are granted for perpetual motion machine so far?

The perpetual motion machine is one that generates enough energy to continue operating, which means that it does not require any energy from an outside source. As such, the machine would continue operating perpetually, hence the reason why it is given its current name. In the laws of physics, the perpetual motion … Read more

Who is the inventor of sellotape? (Richard G. Drew)

Who is the inventor of sellotape Richard G. Drew

The name of the inventor of sellotape is Richard G. Drew, who was an American citizen and a chemical engineer by profession. Drew worked as a researcher in the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (now known as 3M after initial letters of the first three words). There, he got considerable experience of … Read more

Who invented Intel’s first Pentium chip?

Who invented Intels first Pentium chip

In today’s world, whether we are a computer wizard or not much of a tech-savvy, we might probably know the American technology company – Intel.  Intel, also known as Intel Corporation, is one of the world’s largest technology companies. It reigned the computer age because of its advanced technology and innovation when … Read more