How complex are animal “languages”?

How complex are animal languages

Animal Language In animals, a tremendous variety of intelligence and alternately, cleverness is seen. This often translates directly to the complexity of their language. It’s important to realize that language is not limited to vocal elements. Body language, smell, and dances are also counted as a source of communication between animals. However, … Read more

What is the correct use of semicolon?

What is the correct use of a semicolon

Semicolons are typically used to link two related clauses into a single sentence. The correct usage of the symbol in a sentence would be: “I wanted to go to KFC; she wanted Pizza Hut.” Both of these ideas, which are you wanting to go KFC and she wanting to eat at Pizza … Read more

What is the origin of the word “buck” for dollar?

What is the origin of the word "buck" for dollar?

It is always difficult to trace the etymology of the words we use every day, and the same can be said in tracing words in any language. Some of the words that are being used today would have fascinating stories to tell, especially their origins, as others might seem to have originated … Read more

What does the word Amen mean? What is its origin?

What does the word Amen mean? What is its origin?

Words are the building blocks of a language. When we study words, we hardly venture to think about its origin. Many words of any particular language have been adopted from other languages due to difficulty in translation or for convenience. One such word is ‘Amen’, which is present in many Western languages. … Read more

Why sneakers are called sneakers?

Why sneakers are called sneakers

Sneakers are everywhere, and you have most like owned a part of them. You wear them to school, to work, to your gym session, or even on an errand to the supermarket. No wonder, there is no purpose where these shoes won’t fit. But, have you ever wondered where the term sneakers … Read more

Why do Japanese write from top to bottom?

Why do Japanese write from top to bottom

There are a number of languages used around the world. Almost every country has its own national language. Moreover, there are different regional languages specific to a limited area or community. Essentially, language provides a mode of communication between people. But it can be used as a sense of identity and nationality … Read more

Why is jaywalking called jaywalking?

Why is jaywalking called jaywalking

Rules are set wherever we go. There are rules inside the classroom, in the marketplace, parks, recreational places, malls, movie theaters, hospitals, at home, and even on the roads. We are obliged to abide and follow even if sometimes we don’t want to. It is to maintain order and peace and to … Read more