Why is sore throat a symptom of many common sicknesses?

Why is CO2 added to carbonated water soda and not other gases Why not add just air

Imagine that your body is a castle. The germs, bacteria, and viruses are the invaders who wanted to take control of the castle’s food supply, and they are usually eliminated by your trained soldiers, which are supposed to be the white blood cells. As an added layer of protection, the castle has … Read more

How do chicken eggs not crack inside their body?

How do chicken eggs not crack inside their body

This is a fascinating question that can come up in any human mind. Considering the fact that an egg is enclosed in a shell that is easily broken by us, how can it not break inside the hen? What is the mystery behind this phenomenon and why do we not see this … Read more

How did sexual reproduction first develop in animals?

How did sexual reproduction first develop in animals

It is difficult to say how it first came about, but some key factors can be used to determine. First, the main difference between sexual and asexual reproduction is that sexual reproduction “reorganizes” the parent DNA into a new pattern, while asexual is essentially the parent self-cloning. By being able to reorganize … Read more

Does the human body really have a 24-hour body clock?

Does the human body really have a 24 hour body clock

There is a time for everything. For each activity every day, we know when is the right time to do it.  The right timing always matters. The concept of time started since early humans first noticed the regular movement of the Sun and the stars. Some 30 000 years ago, prehistoric people … Read more

What are the different blood types, and why can’t we mix them?

What are the different blood types and why can't we mix them

4.5 to 5.5 liters of blood circulates around a person’s body, depending on his or her frame size. However, each person has a distinct composition of the blood, and that is what makes his or her blood type. It then varies depending on the genes inherited from the person’s father or mother. … Read more