Are Bullets Fired into the Air Lethal?

Are bullets fired into the air lethal

As dangerous as it seems, firing bullets into the air proves to be lethal throughout history. For years, firing a bullet upwards is known to be a tradition to some countries – including some parts of Russia, the Middle East, and the US. Despite its potential harm, this so-called Celebratory Gunfire continues … Read more

Why does a laser pointer have a grainy pattern in the beam?

Why does a laser pointer have a grainy pattern in the beam?

If you ever tried to use a laser pointer, then you probably notice its quite strange appearance after pointing it. If we observe the laser on a surface, we could see that there is a grainy pattern on its beam? Lasers are great works of physics, and it holds several scientific explanations … Read more

Does A Bullet Shot Into The Air Come Down With A Force Strong Enough To Kill?

Does a bullet shot into the air come down with a force strong enough to kill

Celebratory gunfire, also known as happy firing, is a part of human tradition in different countries since the invention of guns. This celebratory practice is an act of shooting a firearm into the air in celebration. We often witness this kind of tradition during New Year’s Eve, mainly in European countries, Middle … Read more