What role do sports play to cope up with mental health instability?

sports mental health

According to study published on news and views sports news. Sports have a significant impact on the quality of one’s life. Physical activity has immense benefits on one’s physical strength but also dramatically impacts mental health. Therefore, one person needs to find their comfort sport, which they can play to reap those … Read more

What was the origin of the Olympic Games?

What was the origin of the Olympic Games

The original Olympic Games were an ancient Greek festival held at the end of every fourth year at Olympia, which was located in Southern Greece. The Ancient Olympics had a semi-religious character, and they were open to members of all branches in the Greek race. During the games, no fighting was allowed … Read more

Why is tennis-ball furry?

Why is tennis-ball furry

The tennis ball is made from synthetic materials and about ten different chemicals. The sheets covering the ball are made from these materials, and they are cut into strips shaped like the number 8. Two strips are then heated up to a certain temperature inside a pressure chamber, and the edges of … Read more