What does the ‘Rx’ sign on doctors’ prescription mean?

What does the 'Rx' sign on the doctors' prescription mean

When you’ve been advised by your doctor to take a specific medication, it’s hard not to notice the Rx symbol on their prescription pads. Moreover, once you go to the pharmacy, you can also see the sign anywhere. Everyone links the symbol to prescriptions, but what does Rx actually mean and was … Read more

Why British national flag is called the Union Jack?

Why is the British national flag called the Union Jack

It might just be a piece of cloth, with colors and emblems, but it represents each nation and its story. Whether it represents an organization, an armed force, an office, or an individual, it is a way of telling the world of one’s sovereignty. A flag is usually, but not always, oblong … Read more

Which country has the oldest army still in active service?

Which country has the oldest army still in active service

Human history has been fraught with wars and conflict. And to serve this conflict, amies have marched across the Earth since the day mankind grew enough to form nations. Though nations have risen and fallen since the dawn of man, many persist even to this day. If we were to ask ourselves … Read more