Do Blind People Have Dreams?

a woman sleeping 

It’s often a wonder whether blind people can dream, given that dreams are generally considered to be mostly visual experiences. Many of those who can see are aware that their dreams are visual representations of their thoughts and sensations, which stretch well beyond what they can see in their heads when they … Read more

Does Body Receive the Effects Of Sleep When In A Coma?

Does body receive the effects of sleep when in a coma

Sleep is essential to humans since it helps regenerate the cells in our bodies. Without sleep, we would feel weak because we don’t have enough time to repair our cells and refuel our energy. We experience these effects every after we wake up from a good night’s sleep. However, we might be … Read more

Why do dark objects look smaller than bright objects?

Why do dark objects look smaller than bright objects

The Answer: The simple answer: the brain is tricked into thinking the dark object is smaller because of how the brain perceives color. The human mind is a complex array of nerve bundles sending electrical signals from the brain to the body. The brain stores memories, controls our breathing and heartbeat, and … Read more

Do our brains work while we are asleep?

Do our brains work while we are asleep?

A lot of people know that most of the parts of our body stop functioning when we sleep, putting them into a state which allows them to rest and regenerate. When we sleep, our body naturally regenerates cells and remove toxins, which is why sleep is essential for us. However, our bodies … Read more