How Can the World Be Indebted If We Can Print the Currency?

money and world map

There’s a saying that “money makes the world go round” well, it’s true because money is valuable and you can use it in exchange for goods and services all throughout the world. But why do we have a controlled supply of money? Why can’t the government print money and hand it out … Read more

Why do we only see one side of the moon?

Why do we only see one side of the moon

The moon is probably one of the most beautiful heavenly bodies we can see here from Earth, and as a kid, we are often baffled about the great mysteries the moon has. But as the years went by, scientists are continuously gaining more and more knowledge about the moon. Like in the … Read more

How many oceans are there on the Earth?

How many oceans are there on the Earth?

This is like the tricky questions you got in high school. In a sense, there are two answers to this question, both of them right. Strictly speaking, there is only one ocean, a great body of saltwater, which altogether covers about 72% of the Earth’s surface and surrounds the planet’s great landmasses. … Read more

Does Light Get Fainter As It Travels?

Does light get fainter as it travels?

Light is a work of nature that is visible to the human eye. The sun exposes us to light every day, along with several other human-made lights. The use of lights is essential to our lives, especially during our modern world, wherein some people tend to work at night. Furthermore, light itself … Read more