What Birds are Able to Hover in Mid-Air?


How many species can you name out of 10, 400 species of bird in the world? Having feathers are birds’ most notable features and the major characteristic that distinguishes them from the other animals. Also, they are warm-blooded vertebrates closely related to reptiles than mammals. They have a four-chambered heart, forelimb modified … Read more

How do hummingbirds manage to hover in mid-air?

How do hummingbirds manage to hover in mid air

If there were a beauty prize for birds, the hummingbird would undoubtedly claim the first position. These birds, native to the North, South and especially Central America are Nature’s fire-flashing jewels. Their plumage is so brilliant that naturalists have given them the names of precious stones viz. Topaz hummingbird, Ruby-Throated hummingbird, Amethyst-Throated … Read more