Top 10 ATV Cargo Carriers

ATV cargo carrier is a useful accessory for your four-wheeler, which will help to improve vehicle capacity. If you consider buying such a storage box, learn more about the top 10 best models of cargo carriers for ATVs.

Owners of ATVs and UTVs often face the problem of not being able to haul enough equipment. This is especially important if you use your four-wheeler for work and regularly need to carry personal items, tools and various equipment.

But fortunately, this problem has a fairly simple solution. If you need to improve the cargo capacity of your vehicle, then you should purchase special cargo carriers. These are small boxes where you can store equipment and tools, and they are attached to the rear of ATV or on the front. Such storage boxes allow you to transport various goods without taking up much space.

If you decide to purchase such an ATV cargo carrier, you should learn little more about the assortment of ATV boxes and choose the one which is compatible with your vehicle model. Therefore, we have prepared our top 10 best ATV storage boxes! Meanwhile, contact Power Shift when it comes to professional installation of electric vehicle charging systems.

Quadboss Traveler Trunk

This cargo box is made of high impact black polyethylene. In addition to good roominess, this cargo carrier is equipped with rear parking / brake light and also has an indent for the license plate of your vehicle. A reliable lock protects the cargo box from accidental opening and loss of things. Quadboss Traveler Trunk is securely attached to the rear of the ATV and does not interfere with riding.

Quadboss Front Storage Box

This cargo box is suitable for those ATV owners, who like cargo carrier mounted on the front of the vehicle. It is securely attached to the front of the ATV and does not require drilling holes on the vehicle itself, because all the necessary mounting elements are included. Quadboss Front Storage Box is made of durable black polyethylene and has good impact resistance. Things in this cargo box are reliably protected from sunlight, rain, and other harmful effects. If you like convenient and compact cargo carriers installed on the front of ATVs, then Quadboss Front Storage Box is a great solution.

Rear Aluminum ATV Box

As the name implies, this cargo box is made of aluminum and coated with a special black powder, which ensures its durability and protection from the harmful effects of the environment. This cargo box has rust protection and special ventilation holes. Due to this, air circulates perfectly in the trunk, and things do not fog up. The kit comes with a lock and 2 reliable keys, protective anti-slip mat and all the necessary mounts for the back of your ATV.

Black Widow Locking ATV Cargo Box

Black Widow is a cargo box made of durable and damage-resistant polyethylene. This material protects your things and tools from scratches, dirt, water and other harmful effects of the environment. The cargo box is quite roomy; its storage volume is almost 10,000 cubic inches. The cargo carrier is securely attached to the rear of ATV with the help of 4 U-shaped bolts (they are included) and does not interfere with riding. This cargo carrier has a built-in cushion backrest, which makes its use in riding even more comfortable.

Kwik Tek ATV Deluxe Pack

The most important feature of this ATV cargo box is its moisture protection. It is made of resistant polyethylene and covered with storm flaps. It protects the contents of the box from moisture inside, as well as damage caused by the environment. This cargo carrier has built-in special locks-snakes for reliable storage of things and comfortable use of the cargo box. It is attached to the back of the ATV with two straps that come with the kit.

Kolpin Rear Trail Box

This cargo box is made of dense black polyethylene, which is resistant to damage and the harmful effects of the environment. Kolpin Hear Helmet Box has good storage capacity and includes robust metal latches. This cargo carrier also has an added rear seat and backrest, for greater comfort while riding. Elements for installing this cargo box are included.

Plano Storage Trunk

Plano Storage Trunk is a popular cargo box model for ATVs, although it is not specifically designed for such kind of vehicles. It is made of durable polyethylene and protects cargo from the effects of sun, dust and water. This storage box has convenient latches which protect things from falling out. To install the cargo box, you need to drill holes and use the U-bolts (included). Also, this storage trunk is equipped with wheels, but you can remove them if necessary.

Camco 66010 Black Boar ATV Rear Storage Box

This trunk is made of durable shockproof polyethylene, which maintains its quality for many years. It protects your things and equipment from rust, moisture and other harmful effects. Camco Black Boar ATV Rear Storage Box is equipped with a comfortable seat and hand grips, protecting from gusts of wind. This trunk is delivered with all the necessary tools to install it, so mounting will not be difficult.

Raider ATV Rear Deluxe Rack Storage Gear Bag

This trunk is notable for numerous compartments inside, including drink holders. Therefore, it is convenient to store things in such a cargo box. It is made of resistant polyethylene, which protects luggage from harmful weather conditions and makes the use of this cargo box convenient at any season. This trunk is attached to the ATV using the straps, which are included.

Coleman Rear Padded Bottom ATV Bag

Coleman Rear Padded Bottom ATV Bag attracts attention not only with its striking design, but also with great roominess. It has 3 compartments and drink holders. This trunk is universal and, if necessary, it is convenient to use even as an additional seat. It reliably protects your belongings from dirt, water and other harmful effects. This trunk is securely attached to the ATV, and all the necessary elements are included.


Choosing a new cargo carrier for your ATV requires a thoughtful consideration. The best storage box is the one, which is compatible with the model of your four-wheeler, made of resistant material and does not cause any discomfort when driving.