Training with Traliant

With businesses growing and expanding at incredible rates all across the nation, it’s imperative that the employees in all branches and departments of your company are properly trained on the acceptable behaviors for the workplace. Keep behavioral distractions out of the office with a good education on how to carry themselves and engage their fellow crew members. 

Professional expectations 

In daily conversation with associates and coworkers, be they only professional acquaintances or close friends, it can be easy to relax into a comfortable speech pattern that can step outside of the guidelines of what is okay to say and discuss, and what is not. In heavily populated states, like New York, personal connections can run far and deep, you may find many of your staff members have known each other for quite some time, or have overlapping social circles. This can be both an excellent way to help new hires adjust comfortably to their surroundings, or an obstacle to overcome, should they spend too much time conversating or bickering with their coworkers.

The number of people looking for new jobs every year is staggering if you take a look at unemployment statistics here. If you’re trying to expand your company or brand, you’re going to need to hire some additional help. With new team members joining your workforce, make it a priority to have them all on the same page. When everyone on your staff feels respected and protected, they can focus their energy on doing their job.

Our government is amending and adding new laws to keep up with the ever-changing needs and expectations of the general public on a national scale, but even state-to-state mandates are being adjusted. This means there are specific regulations put in place by your local officials that will have unique requirements for businesses to abide by. For companies employing more than fifteen people, the state of New York requires annual training courses to be passed. This guarantees everyone is operating with the same understanding of expectations.

Professional expectations

Getting help from the best

If you need help finding the right experts to educate your employees, there are excellent courses with Traliant Compliance Training. Offering interactive courses that meet or exceed the state requirements, they have professionals that can walk your crew through the regulations currently in place. By learning the proper way to conduct themselves, as well as appropriate methods of communicating with their coworkers, your employees will be a cohesive team that isn’t distracted by inter-personal issues.

Some companies offer reading material or have their employees sit through training videos, but none of these things require the employee to actively participate. State regulations require that compliance classes to be interactive, and ask the employees questions to ensure they are properly absorbing the information. When a person is engaged while being presented with new information, they’re more likely to retain it and can apply it to their daily work behaviors. Once they’re given the tools to recognize bad habits or speech patterns, it will become easier to integrate better habits in their place.

Interactive education

If you’ve ever worked for a company chain, you’ve probably been sat down in an office to watch an old video recorded long ago, that establishes vague policies and expectations. Is there anything from those videos you can recall off the top of your head? Don’t repeat the same mistakes as other corporations that are disconnected from their own staff. Send your crew through classes that engage them and offer clear circumstances and explanations for more complex situations.

Having a diverse team that is capable of offering different input on projects is important for healthy company growth. Coming from many different backgrounds and unique home lives, each of them may have different experiences with how to address others and what is common or acceptable. Even if you have established guidelines in place for your company, it’s not unusual for individuals to take the wrong or a skewed understanding of what those rules really are, and what they mean. The importance of expert-led courses is clear when your employees come away with an adequate grasp of the expectations they will be held to in the professional world.

Assure your team’s personal safety and professional performance by holding each person under your employ is held to the same level of behavioral excellence that all businesses seek to achieve with their staff. Prevent your company or brand from finding itself in the list of companies from ending up going the way of those affected by reports like these:

With harassment charges on the rise and new cultural and societal expectations, it’s a strong move to protect the future of your company’s success and the longevity of your employees’ careers with you by sending them through the annual training available.