Trampolining All Summer on A BERG Trampoline – Choosing the Right One

There is no doubt that when kids are still young, they have tons of energy in most cases, and like to run around and play outside with their friends and siblings. For parents, this can be a bit of a challenge, especially when you run out of ideas and need to keep them entertained during their holidays or while they’re still out of school.

The good news is, there are tons of things you may not have tried as yet. There are sports like football and ping pong, or swimming and climbing to name a few. The list is wide and long; however, we will focus on one activity that is a sure winner in most parent’s books – fun with a trampoline.

That’s right! If you have never considered this one activity, perhaps now is the time to do so. For your and your children’s sake. Not only does having one of these in your backyard or garden have an assortment of benefits for them, such as keeping them healthy and active, helping them to release their energy in a positive way, and just the act of jumping on them has seen tremendous benefits to everyone. This article elaborates further on the topic of the advantages and benefits of this form of exercise for you and tells you about all the good stuff surrounding them.

Then there are specific ones for your kids which also have similar reimbursements. So how do you go about choosing the right one for your space? With so many different options on the market both online and in sports stores, choosing the most appropriate one is key, so you don’t end up disappointing the kids, or wasting your money. The quick guide below can help you out before you step into the shop.

Features to Look Out For

Features to Look Out For

These come with tons of different features, but the most important ones to pay heed to include the safety features. This means choosing the ones that have a safety net around them, and are made of a safe material as well.  Not all types of these come with a net around them, but when you have kids this is imperative.

Another thing to ask about is their bounce rate. Some have a higher bounce rate than others which means children can get as high as they like.

The Shape You Want

It is not so much a matter of personal preference alone, as it is figuring out which shape will fit your space, the best. When choosing one, the shape will also matter depending on the purpose you want it for. Most basic outdoor trampolines can be anywhere from 5 feet up to 16 feet tall and wide. If you have enough space for it, the bigger is better.

Different shapes can be found on most online stores such as BERG Trampolines Ireland which include the most common shapes: square, round, and rectangle. We look at these briefly below:

Square: these may be the ideal ones for homes with a square garden or a corner to place them in. however you need to take into account extra space all around the sides. These are great if you’ve got limited space and usually have a good bounce rate, which is divided all around the four corners.

Round: albeit one of the most popular shapes on the market and in people’s homes, this needs space. The bounciest area will lie around the center so it is great for individual jumpers. For one child to play on it at a time, it is ideal, however, if you have more than one kid in the family, you may want to choose a different one.

Rectangle: possibly holds the largest area for multiple people and is equally distant. You can get a small one or a large one to suit your garden.

Mini: Besides the shapes, you also get the option of a mini-trampoline. These can be bought alongside your children’s ones, for you to use as a fitness tool. It can help to improve your balance and strength throughout your body.

So which one will you go for? There is nothing quite like some summer fun with the young ones to help strengthen bonds between family and friends.