Types of Engagement Rings To Choose From

Popped the question already? Or about to? You need rings, yes? Well, you need to have some knowledge of available rings and the best to choose from, isn’t it? Well, this article is then for you as major types of engagement rings to choose from will be highlighted

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Types of Engagement Ring to Choose from

The ring is just as important as the entire ceremony in itself, you cannot flop on your rings even if you tried. Please don’t try to though. There are a plethora of rings available, ranging from traditional rings to transitional rings and even modern ring designs.

  1. Solitaire; A solitaire ring is a traditional engagement ring, characterized by a large solitaire diamond placed on a relatively simple band with a claw,
  2. Cluster; true to its name, this ring is characterized by a cluster of tiny diamonds welling up to the top to create a larger diamond effect, this is known as an overall optical effect. This is a transitional style engagement ring that has set trends for quite a while.
  3. Bezel; seeking security? This bezel engagement ring is just for you. This ring is identified by a gem anchored in place with a border made of the band material rather than mounted. This often eliminates all risk of the gem being scratched out of place
  4. The Trilogy; this engagement ring style is so symbolic, it could pass for the most romantic of all. It is a transitional engagement ring with three gems. The gems could be said to mean, our past, our present, our future, or you, me, and us. For far more religious couples, who anchor their love on their fate, it means the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  5. The Double Diamond; Two is arguably better than one. Two diamonds are to die for. This is a modern style engagement ring and like the trilogy, it also carries meaning; you and your partner, joined together in holy matrimony. A visual representation of till death do us part
  6. The Oval Halo; Halos are for angels? Well, your bride could be one. This engagement style ring is all about maximizing, the oval cut diamonds are often elongated; it creates an optical illusion whereby the ring looks much bigger than any other diamond of the same carat.
  7. The Suspended Diamond Ring; another optical illusion style ring is this one. This ring is characterized by the ring suspending above the shank creating a sort of platform effect from drama and intrigue.
  8. The Cathedral; the cathedral style engagement ring is a traditional style ring characterized by the curving of the shank in manners that resemble arches of a cathedral. The curve is usually designed with paving or clutter diamonds, but they can also be left as they are.


There you go, above are eight engagement rings to choose from be it popular ones, archaic, modern, or even transitional wedding rings. Happy shopping.