What Are Industrial Steam Cleaners?

Using steam vapours as a tool to ensure maximum hygiene for industrial plants and equipment, industrial steam cleaners are a revolution in eco-friendly cleaning.

Industries, usually being a potentially hazardous environment, require special maintenance efforts. Not only it has to protect its workforce and its machinery, but also ensure the maximum hygiene of their products. The hygiene aspect is especially important for sectors such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, beauty products manufacturers, etc. Outside the industrial sectors, large public spaces like museums, hospitals or schools also need to go through a rigorous process to keep everyone safe.

Despite such importance, however, cleaning equipment remained pretty basic until recently. It was mostly done by using a classic sweep, brushes, and some supermarket cleaning detergents. Thanks to the invention of industrial steam cleaners though, the task of cleaning any large or complex spaces has become easier, safer, and way more effective.

What Exactly is a Steam Cleaner?

Steam cleaners are the tools that utilize hot water vapours to sanitize, degrease, and clean any space, equipment, carpet; you get the idea. It usually comes with a nozzle, brush, or an array of other attachments. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes – from in-line setup in production belts to a backpack shaped, mobile carrier. Due to its mobility and spraying techniques, steam cleaners can be greatly effective in reaching to the most complex corners and make them sanitized. They are available both for personal and industrial uses.

In order to clean, industrial steam cleaners or otherwise takes in water in its tanks, heats it up past the boiling point, and then release vapours. Due to its heat and moisture condition, they are greatly effective in both killing mites, moulds, bacteria, as well as removing even the staunchest greases.

Benefits of Industrial Steam Cleaners

First and most, industrial steam cleaners are the most convenient tool to clean larger spaces commonly seen in manufacturing plants. With its spray techniques, it can reach larger parameters in the quickest possible time. Heated vapours also dry up almost as soon as they are sprayed, saving time and efforts in the process.

As they rely on just waters and doesn’t require the use of any cleaning detergents, they are very safe as long as you stay out of the way of its nozzles. Not possessing any risk of contamination, it is also the most environmentally friendly cleaning tool available. Not to mention the savings that come from cutting down the cost of regular cleaning supplies.

Reliable, versatile, and durable; industrial steam cleaners are made to last a long time. They work well with all types of industrial plants and equipment. Setup in-line, they can rapidly but effectively sanitize each of your products, without affecting the continuity of the production process. Thanks to their various attachments, these cleaners are also capable of reaching further in your equipment or machinery to degrease thoroughly. You can also customize them to suit your special needs.