What are the mobile gaming trends to watch out for?

Mobile gamers, listen up! These trends are set to change and transform the scene for years to come

It’s no secret that the gaming industry is a thriving one, with figures predicting that the number of gamers worldwide will rise to approximately 3.07 billion by 2023. Mobile gamers make up a large majority of the total number of players, as they prioritize these convenient entertainment experiences over console gaming or PC play. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest mobile gaming trends shaking up the sector nowadays.

The Metaverse

The metaverse is one of the biggest buzz words in the tech space currently, especially after Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg rebranded his platform to ‘Meta’. This innovation represents the next generation of social experiences that combine AR, VR, social media and blockchain technology together in one clean sweep. “What does this mean for mobile gaming?”, you may ask. Well, Zuckerberg’s Metaverse is set to push seamless streaming experiences so that mobile gamers can play the games they love without having to download them or search outside of this immersive world. 5G network availability will need to steadily increase for this to be a reality, as this will require devices to run with high-speed data connections around-the-clock.

High-Quality Experiences on Mobile

Nowadays, users everywhere expect the best of the best when it comes to gaming, even if those experiences are being had on a mobile phone. That’s why we are already seeing more and more smartphones being produced with higher quality software and hardware capabilities that can withstand even the most heated of sessions, regardless of the game genre. For example, full-fledged first-person shooter games that play wonderfully on a PC can also be enjoyed on mobile thanks to advanced technologies that bring the game to life on a smaller screen. Likewise, entertaining casino games like Blackjack and Roulette are accessible through apps such as the pennsylvania gambling app, which gives players the chance to engage in all the thrills and spills of casino life from their handheld device. Just because these gaming experiences are taking place on mobile does not mean they are of a lesser quality, and developers and designers are currently doing everything in their power to keep it that way.


If you’re a gamer, there’s no doubt you know about the extraordinary influence of Esports, an industry that has had a 30%+ growth rate year after year. This form of competitive video gaming is exploding in popularity all around the world, with people following and downloading battle royale games and first-person shooters like it’s their job! Esports retention is on the rise nowadays, in terms of both players and fan engagement, and soon there will be more options on the mobile gaming side of things as well. Social media will play a part too, as mobile users continue sharing Esports-related content on Facebook and Instagram.


Esports is on the rise worldwide and mobile Esports is set to become more relevant as a result

Cross-Platform Gaming

Cross-platform gaming is becoming more and more popular as gamers look to play the titles they love with greater accessibility. At its essence, cross-platform gaming means that players can engage in the same game but by using different video game hardware. For example, in the console world of gaming this means that a PS5 game would also be compatible with an Xbox console. For mobile gaming, this is where gamers can access games across different mobile devices, no matter their operating platform (iOS or Android). In a practical sense, this means that if you have a friend that is very loyal to Apple and only buys Apple products, they can still play against someone who has a different platform preference.